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2 summer neutral styled mantels that can be used year round

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Hey friends! So glad that you could be here today! So we just celebrated father’s day yesterday and of course we did whatever my husband wanted to do and he really surprised me when all he asked to do was to eat sushi at his favorite sushi place (no surprise there) and go watch the Pixar movie “Inside Out”. I love that he chose to do something that was also so much fun for the kids. And I am not even gonna lie, I really enjoyed the movie too. I cried at least twice. It was such a creative movie and my favorite line that I can’t even quote cause I’d butcher it was when a girl named Disgust talked about how on the first day of school they were gonna dress so good that the other girls would look at their own outfits and throw up. LOL! Hence her name! The characters are so funny but I won’t spoil it for you. Anyway, we ended the night still doing what he wanted to do and worked out of course. As we worked out we had a conversation about how we came together. And I couldn’t help but praise God for the little events that may have seemed so minuscule at the time, but played a major part in me even noticing him and even seeing the qualities I might not have seen had those little events not occurred. Anyway, that was the weekend. But, today I wanted to share our 2 mantels that I seem to restyle every so often and though I styled it for the summer time, I think these both can be used year round. Of course being neutral helps.



I know some people enjoy a plain mantel or even an empty mantel, being a minimalist at its finest.. While I do enjoy the idea of being a minimalist, layering is necessary in my styling. I think it reflects my style.. I layer my clothes, my hair, why not my home decor, right?!


On our fireplace is a new sign I made out of pallets my husband brought home. He is the best and I just love using them for home projects. I’ve always seen this house as a little cottage, just without the little picket fence and cool garden I always seem to envision when I think of a cottage.


I call our home our little cottage cause for 1 it is definitely small and 2, it is a cozy place.. That’s the advantage to small homes, they just feel more cozy without even really trying. I used a stencil for our last name and for the smaller lettering, I printed it out and transferred it as best I could to the wood.


Our other “mantel” is above the tv and I love having this shelf here to take all the attention off the big black box.



You can see here just how much I love to layer and it’s fairly simple. I just pick key pieces I want displayed and then layer around them. You just have to be careful to not overcrowd.. It could end up looking like clutter and not appealing to the eye. I do have to edit a lot to make sure things don’t get to the point of clutter! Like I totally know this mantel has met its max capacity. But I think it’s still appealing to the eye, don’t you think?



These 2 styled mantels are perfect any time of the year.. Well, maybe excluding Christmas time.. Looking forward to Christmas this year! But the secret to styling without needing to change as often is to keep it neutral and display things that you love and don’t mind looking at for long periods at a time. I love changing up shelves and mantels for fun, but when I love the pieces displayed, it takes me a little longer to change up! Anyway, hope you got some inspiration or ideas today for your summer mantel or anytime mantel! LOL. Thanks so much for stopping by and allowing me to share my love for design and creativity with you! XO

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