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2015 Summer Home Tour

home sweet home, Home Tour

Hey hey hey!! Are you tired of me talking about summer yet?! I hope not, cause today I’m sharing our summer home or our home in the summer 😉 Well, this isn’t too far from how my house would be styled throughout the year if it could because I would say summer time would be my personal style and I think this is true for the whole family. We’re a very laid back, go with the flow easy-going fam over here. And summer is much like that.. It’s a time to enjoy one another, have fun and enjoy the beautiful weather and hopefully even relax a little! I don’t know that I actually relax (even when I’m relaxing if that makes any sense), no matter what time of the year it is.. But if there ever is a time to just kick my feet up and chill, it’s most likely in the summer! Hope you have many moments this summer season to kick your feet up with your friends, family, loved ones or even alone to enjoy the quiet, which btw I don’t think I have very many of those moments, so if you DO, praise God for it, because it’s truly a gift!

Well let’s just dive right in.. Hope you can enjoy our little home I like to call our cottage cause it makes a small home sound cuter than it really is. HAHA
So right when you enter our home, you’re in our ever so tiny entryway. It is a very busy space, but having a wall coat rack and a cart that I recently moved here (its fitting for summer), it helps a lot!



Our family room, sitting room, tv room. A small home means rooms have many purposes and this room is the perfect example of that.
One common theme you will find in our home, is each space with its specific functions blends into the next space. It’s one of the challenging things about a small home; having a good transition without disrupting a nice flow. But, if you know me, just say the word challenge, and I’m all in!

Our family room is so well-loved.. And by well-loved I mean used down to the ground.. which means lots of craziness happens here and lots of picking up a minimum of 4 times a day. Thankfully, my 3 littles are at an age where they are learning to pick up after themselves! For me, the temptation is to just always do it all myself, and if you’re like me, I just wanna encourage you to have your littles give you a helping a hand. It not only will be such a big help to us, but in the process it trains them how to work with their own hands and teaches them how to serve others, instead of expecting to be served. Ooh, I just got the chills thinking about my kids just 5 years from now.. Don’t you tear up Alma! OK ok.. I’m back.. Mommy moment..




Ok, so technically this is just a part of the living room, but I call this our sitting area. Umm.. people with big homes can have ’em, why can’t us small home owners?! So yeah, sitting area! “Would you like to sit in our sitting area while I grab us some coffee?” Dang, sounds so legit right?! HAHAHAHA.. Ok, not that cool? Yeah, maybe you’re right. But it is an easy seat to throw yourself on when you’ve had a hard day of cleaning, cooking, working, diy projects and keeping up with the kiddos. All it needs now is a little foot stool or something to kick our feet up!


This little number is just in place of a sofa table because it’s just nice to have a seat here for when my kids are putting their shoes on for the back or my kids wanna chat while I cook. Specifically my oldest. He’s a talker and this is the seat where he tends to be when he shares all his wonderful reads, what level in his video games he’s on, or whats been going on.
Our dining area is another busy area.. Let’s just get this out-of-the-way: every room is busy. HAHAHA. It comes with the territory, but being the youngest of 4, I would not have it any other way! I do not like being alone so this is my comfort zone.
This Ikea Hacked china cabinet is another transition into our dining room. A cabinet like this can fit in either rooms making it a good flow into the space.




Here’s our table when it’s dressed for summer. I share more details on that here.

Our kitchen was the first thing we did to our house when we got it. I was begging the hubby for a white or gray kitchen.. He wasn’t down for the white and he wasn’t down to paint cabinets, so since we couldn’t find gray cabinets we liked, this was what we both agreed on. This is funny thinking about because just a few days ago, he said he would think about us panting it! EEEK! I know this could all just end up being talk, but this is a big step, because he was totally not down for this idea at all the past 4 years.. I knew he’d come around.. But don’t get me wrong, I enjoy our kitchen and have so many fun memories right here! I just have a thing for white, bright and happy kitchens!





Off to the side is another thing I kinda sorta moved recently.. Gosh, do I really move things around that much? Well, it is summer so it was time for a switcheroo. Our side board (yes another Ikea Hack.. what can I say, they’re too fun not to) that holds some of our serving dishes and things, and our message board.


Our bedroom seems to be the overlooked room. It isn’t summery but I think it’s not too far off. I have some plans for some changes to this room. One thing I miss in here is a makeup table. One day… One day I’ll bring one back.





That sums up the summer tour. Hope you enjoyed this! Let me know what you thought! And if you have a summer home tour, leave me a link in the comments below. Home tours is my absolute favorite!! It’s like visiting your home in picture form. It’s so fun! Have an awesome weekend sweet friends, thanks so much for visiting our home!! XO


  1. Reply
    Tera Janelle

    My oh my, you can style a room!!!

    1. Reply

      that is such a sweet compliment! Thank you for that, it really was so sweet to hear that!

  2. Reply

    Your home is stunning! I was lucky enough to find you on instagram. I’m so glad I dd.

    1. Reply

      Aww I’m so glad you came and checked out the blog too! Thank you for such kind words!!

  3. Reply
    Amy Walker


    1. Reply

      Thanks for visiting Amy and thanks, glad you liked it!

  4. Reply

    So glad I found you,such an inspiration, this is the first post I have read and I am so excited to read more x

    1. Reply

      Wow, that is so encouraging to hear! Thanks for sharing that! It really is appreciated!

  5. Reply
    Tracy Coward

    I absolutely love your home!! I could move right in and not change a single thing ~ perfection 🙂

    1. Reply

      that is so so sweet of you to say. what a compliment! thanks for such kind words Tracy!

  6. Reply

    Such a beautiful space! Could you share the brand of your sectional?? I love it!

    1. Reply

      Hi Charlotte, this is an ikea sectional and we love it!

  7. Reply

    Love your home. Everything iis beautiful. Can you share the brand of your sectional? I love it!

  8. Reply

    Really awesome job… I love many things but the bench behind the sofa is such a great idea! Beautiful home!

    1. Reply

      Aww thanks so much! I just love the idea of alternatives to a sofa table!

  9. Reply
    Cynthia Smith

    Beautiful Home!!

    1. Reply

      aww thank you so much!!

    2. Reply

      Thank you so much!

  10. Reply

    First post I’ve actually come across on your blog and love it! What brand or where did you find your jute rugs? I’m on the hunt and it looks like you have several. Thanks so much 🙂

    1. Reply

      Hi Christine! The jute rugs are from Ikea. They are so affordable and takes a lot of wear!

  11. Reply

    I love it! Can you share where you found your sitting room chairs?

    1. Reply

      Hi June, these chairs are from overstock. I did do a review on them if you’d like to see more. just search tufted chairs on the website. Hope this helps!!

  12. Reply

    Can you tell me where you got the hello sign in your entry?

    1. Reply

      Yes of course, it’s from Hobby Lobby and it such a great quality sign for sure!!

  13. Reply

    Love your style! Wondering if you mind sharing where your coffee table is from?

    1. Reply

      Hello! This table was actually a craigslist find but was from World Market. I think its discontinued but I would check to see if its there again because even though its discontinued, I did see it not that long ago in my local WM

      1. Reply

        Thank you!

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