May 2015 –

May 28, 2015

Creatively using space behind our couch

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Hello my fellow home decor enthusiast! Hope you've started your day great and ready for another Almafied rando-commando moment, (I kinda make words up and some just stick.. This is something I have been saying since I was like 9. Can someone please tell me I am not the only who says this!) creating space out of nothing! It's like a game to me to do this! Can I just…

Adding a splash of color with some Rifle Paper Co. goodies

home sweet home, Styling

Hey there my lovely friends! So glad you're here today visiting with me! The past month has been pretty busy with family visiting from Hawaii. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know! This weekend in particular has been quite busy with not just Mr. J's parent's visiting for the month, but also having his brother here from Hawaii and his soon-to-be brother in-law from South Carolina for the…

DIY: fun personalized wall mounted coat hanger

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Hey there lovelies! How's your week going so far? Slow? Too fast? Amazing? Unadventurous? Oddly, there are days when I can somehow feel all these things in one day! Talk about crazy, right?! That is a good word to describe me. LOL! I think we can all get this way at times, right? No? Maybe it's just me! But, seriously, I really felt a lot of different emotions today (except…

Favorites Friday

favorite things friday

Hey y'all, I haven't done a favorites Friday in a while, and am finally on it today! Hope you've all had a productive week and are all ready to wind down to start the beautiful weekend up ahead! I am so looking forward to celebrating, my middle child, Ty's 5th birthday this weekend; watching the new Avengers movie and some Chick-Fil-A for lunch and of course cake with some of…

Our new Ikea ektorp sectional couch + first impressions

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Have you ever got something spilled on your couch and no way of taking off the stain?? Well, this just happened to our sectional and I was a little devastated about it because I hate replacing things that are still in really good shape. I am that girl who still owns some shoes from junior high and let's just say my high school just celebrated its 10 year reunion a…

Botanical inspired gallery wall + space

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Hey friends, hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weekend with loved ones! Sometimes we can take weekends for granted, can't we?! I know sometimes I see weekends as a right and not a blessing. But one thing I've learned from having my husband work through weekends the past month or so, is that I have been taking his days off for granted and haven't truly thanked the Lord for the…