November 2015 –

November 12, 2015

A Thanksgiving table scape


Wow guys, is Thanksgiving really in exactly 2 weeks?! Already? Are you feeling the same way? And I don't know why I even get shocked anymore at how fast it comes. It's like, right after celebrating Halloween; Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all seem to come in one big swoop. With no room to even take a breather in between! But I have to say, the tail end of the…

Our farmhouse inspired DIY dining table

project diy

Hey guys, thanks so much for coming along on the journey to a better functioning dining room. Today, if this is your first time here, let me start with hello and welcome!! I'm Alma and am currently on a quest to transform this 80's built (89 to be exact) home that is a bit of a tight squeeze for our family of 5 into a better functioning space that we…

What we’ve been up to the last couple months and our recent DIY white washed shiplap inspired wall

mommy life, project diy

Hey friends! I have so missed being here with you all and am so excited to be able to just connect with you again! I have been away but have used my Instagram as a way to still be connected. Just in case you were wondering where the heck this girl has been, long story short, we decided to pull our kids out of their school which is literally a…