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One Room Spring Tour: Living Room

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Hey friends. A few weeks ago, my sweet friend Kathleen over at Lindsay Hill Interiors asked me to be a part of the #OneRoomSpringTour and only a crazy woman would say no to that, right?!
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Before we get started, I wanted to mention I have an awesome update on where we’re at with our house being on the market but let’s be real.. you didn’t come today for that so I will be sharing all that in the next one. For today, let’s talk spring and bringing it into the living room!

This year, for spring, I kept things very neutral and relaxed in here. Well, I guess that’s 2 things I do all year round, but Spring was no exception this year. Last spring I had pops of seagrass green in here, but this year I chose to keep it more neutral. With our house on the market, we did keep it a little more sparse in here than usual and I was liking it so even when the showings ended, I kinda kept things as they were!


When I think of spring, bringing the indoors in is a must. I’m talking greenery, floral arrangements and the fresh air this season brings, rain or sunshine! Lately, I’ve also been really inspired by the boho eclectic feel cause the relaxed and fun touches really gets me excited. The textures in some of the pillows, a new hand-woven wall tapestry made by my friends at Gem.and.Elli, some multi colored woven baskets are just some of the ways you can bring a little boho to your space.


Another important thing is for the space to smell fresh. These flowers from Costco are my go to because it’s so fresh and effortlessly pretty. Also candles with a slight sweet and floral aroma is my fave. This candle was purchased in the spring of 2014 called Springtime in Provence and oh my goodness, it smells so so good, it’s ridiculous. It smells like spring in a jar! (Edit: though I do love my candles, they can only burn for a few minutes lately before it starts making me nauseous, no matter how good it smells. I have been into my Young Living Essential Oils and it’s been actually helping me relax without any nauseous moments, but more on that later).

I decided to keep some pillows I had from winter that are neutral because I just love the texture it adds to the space. It really fits in all seasons if you ask me. I’m also holding on tight to our “5” pillow from Sovintage Chic. It’s such a fun and simple graphic touch but it’s also going to change to 6 soon, so I’m using the heck out of it while I can 😉



Something as simple as a chalkboard welcoming spring and windows wide open to let in the fresh breeze can really help a space feel Springy.. except you can’t tell here because truth be told, there is a big ol’ bbq grill parked right in front of the window and there was no way I was going to go outside to move it. Shameless confessions cause being pregnant and running to the bathroom at least 5 times in the time I took these pics to relieve the morning sickness was already more than I could handle for one day. Sorry for the TMI, but TMI is how I roll. I’m pretty sure all my real life friend’s eyes are rolling and saying “uhh huh”…

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed the One Room Spring tour: living room. Please check out Erin, Oscar, Ashley and Megan who also shared their living rooms today if you haven’t already. Listed below is everyone in the home tour. It’s an awesome line up so don’t miss out!!

Just for kicks, while I was uploading and writing this post, my son says “that’s weird… you’re wearing Christmas socks in April and you’re writing a post on bringing Spring inside.. Not sure you’re the right person for the job mom” And we both start cracking up! Dying because I noticed it before he sat down and was already giggling to myself! LOL! We so think the same! Ok, maybe you had to be there but it had me giggling the rest of the post! He makes me laugh on a daily basis! Love my pre-teen!

Monday, April 11th – Front Porch

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Tuesday, April 12th – Entryway

Sarah – Life on Virginia Street | Summer – She Leaves a Little Sparkle | Kathleen – Lindsay Hill Interiors | Shannon – Fox Hollow Cottage | Randi – Randi Garrett Design

Wednesday, April 13th – Living Room

Erin – Sunnyside Up | Alma – Almafied | Oscar – Oscar Bravo Home | Ashley – House of Five | Megan – It’s a Grandville Life

Thursday, April 14st – Kitchen

Brittany – Dutchess of York | Annie – Zevy Joy | Marg & Liz – Fancy Farm Girls | Kelley – Kelley Nan | Rachel – Maybe Matilda

Friday, April 15th – Dining Room

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  1. Reply

    So fresh and lovely, Alma!! So happy that you joined us on the tour! Xox

    1. Reply

      Thanks so much Kathleen! And thanks for letting me be a part of the tour! Such a great idea and loving all the inspo so far!

  2. Reply
    Emily @

    So pretty! I can’t wait to hear all about your house plans. I hope you feel better soon… I sucked on ginger practically my entire pregnancies. Xo

    1. Reply

      Thanks Emily! People keep telling me sucking on ginger will help but it kinda freaks me out’ but if it helped you on multiple pregnancies, maybe I should really consider it?

  3. Reply

    Beautiful Alma! Your home looks so cozy and I love all the little touches of Spring (and Christmas 😉

    1. Reply

      Haha thanks Becky! Glad you can appreciate the touch of Christmas?

  4. Reply
    Oscar E Bravo

    So fresh and clean! Love your cozy living room! I especially love your collection of baskets you have throughout your space. They are all beautiful! Fun post!

    1. Reply

      Thanks Oscar! Seriously, your space really inspired me to add some color to our space! Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. Reply

    Alma it’s absolutely perfect! Your casual, neutral style is so appealing to me! I just want to come over and sit on that comfy couch with you and chat! And then take half of your accessories home with me. 😉 Love it cutie! xo

  6. Reply

    I love your fresh, relaxed style Alma! I’m with Erin and feel like I could cozy right on into that space on hang out 🙂 Beautiful tour!

  7. Reply

    Hi Alma 🙂
    This is one of the most beautifull living rooms that i have seen on the internet,really !!
    I love your style girl ,congrats .
    I cant wait to see your next house
    Lots of Love
    Lulu from Portugal

  8. Reply

    I love the free standing wooden shelf. It’s so versitile. Do you remember where you got it?

  9. Reply

    So beautiful and inspiring! I love all the warm touches.

  10. Reply

    I took the tour earlier on my phone, just getting a chance to comment on it!
    The house looks beautiful and I love and your touched and details.
    And of course, the socks. haha

  11. Reply

    I love your blog and your style! I’m an interior designer so I loooove scoping out other people’s spaces, and yours is amazing!

    1. Reply

      Wow thank you for stopping by and for the kind words❤️

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