Family Room Update: One Room Challenge Fall 2017 –

Family Room Update: One Room Challenge Fall 2017

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Wow, is it really time for another round of the One Room Challenge?! I can’t believe it’s already that time again! I feel like it was just yesterday when we worked on the breakfast nook in the spring.

Well I am so so excited to be here again to share another room we really wanted to finish up. We chose to work on our family room because this room is one of the busiest rooms in the house. It’s where the main tv is, where family time goes down and and the place we all go to relax.

Here’s the thing. The room isn’t terrible. We gave it a quick update when we moved in with the intentions of down the line, giving the fireplace wall an update. With my husbands recent tv purchase, he felt it was time to just give the whole wall an update. One that could handle all his consoles, the large tv and my “need” for it to look nice too, let’s be real 😉


Here’s what it looked like when we moved in (excuse the throwback iPhone picture lol):

This is what we did as a temporary fix, and when I say temporary, we were thinking at least five years, yet here we are not even 1.5 years later:

It doesn’t seem so bad but I really don’t like the idea of there being a bookshelf and a cabinet next to the fireplace. It just felt like it’s too busy and cluttered. Also, we sold this Ektorp sectional because as much as we wanted it to work in here, it didn’t fit the space nicely.

Here’s the plan:

update the tv/fireplace wall to give it a built in look with clean lines, storage and a more minimalistic and simple feel we love here on the blog. So we’re ditching multiple pieces of furniture to house everything! Imagine this all being 1 wall! I just love simple with character! SO I drew a design for the wall and my husband of course make this because function is just as important!

Add more lighting. 1 on each side of the built in shelves (as seen above).

Remove the sectional for a comfy and deep sofa and 2 cozy armchairs. Give them a more personalized look using Bemz covers making these Ikea couches look designer and super soft. I have the sofa and an armchair and feel the room needs 1 more armchair so that’ll be here soon! I’ll share more on this soon but here’s a peak at one of the armchairs with the cover in Brera Lino Ink Blue:


Update the coffee station with floating shelves and create more storage and making better use of the space! Also update the wall sconce to fit the overall update of the room!

We thought about tiling the coffee station and making it super cool but eventually we do plan on doing away with this built in to give the laundry/powder room (which is directly behind this) more space. So though this is temporary, it could mean a few years so adding floating shelves is totally worth it.


That’s where we’re at in the design. I’ll share more about the details, but today here is an overview of what we will be doing in here.

I am so so excited to share and get feedback from you guys! Thanks for being here and going through this new project with us! Next week we will be sharing how far we’ve gotten with our fireplace wall so stay tuned. Here’s a sneak of demo day:

right before the demo with a peak at the Ikea Farlov couch in here:

and right after:

As we share, i hope to inspire you to get that one room done that has been waiting for 3 years to complete or even give you some ideas for your next DIY. Trust me, I can totally relate! I really needed the push for this room so I think it’s safe to assume you might need it too 😉

So what project are you looking to work on next at home? Is there one in particular you have been meaning to tackle? I’d love to hear about it down below! Also, head here for more projects currently going on for this challenge! See you next week!




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    that feature wall will look amazing in your already beautiful living room! can’t wait to see the built-in happening!

    1. Reply

      thanks Tim! I’m so so excited to get this room done!

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    Can’t wait to see what you do to this amazing space, Alma!

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    I love the idea of built-ins around your fireplace! I wish I could add those to my living room. Unfortunately, we have a sliding glass door on one side. Anyway, I can already tell your new living space will be amazing!

    1. Reply

      Aww thank you for the encouragement. I am so ready to have it not be a big mess in here and get this all done!

  4. Reply

    I am excited to see how your room turns out!

    1. Reply

      Thank you! I can’t wait to share an update of what we have so far! Thanks for stopping by!

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    Van Winkle Home

    I like how it looked before, but it’s going to be stunning with built-ins. Good luck!

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