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A Gift Idea Guide For Father’s Day: 3 Fool Proof Tips

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Who else gets overwhelmed when it comes time to pick a thoughtful gift for the special father’s in our lives? Today I wanted share the top three things on my list when aiming for the perfect gift when the kids and I try to decide on what to get daddy for father’s day. It hasn’t always been easy, but I promise, sticking to these 3 tips when choosing a gift has yet to fail me.

Number one: buy him something practical.

Practical might seem like a boring gift to give and in a lot of ways I would agree. But I am a true believer that if it has a unique quality, as practical as it may be, they will love it. For example, for a commuter, like my husband, though he already owns a travel mug, I knew he would love one that is pretty much impossible to spill. I actually bought him one that is amazing and has yet to make one spill. I pretty much saw his eyes light up when I gave it to him cause he had really been wanting a good one. That might sound boring to some, but you know who you’re buying for, so make sure it suits him and his life. Don’t go buying someone a travel mug just cause I bought my husband one and they don’t even drink hot drinks. That would not be good! LOL! The key word when buying something practical, is UNIQUE!

Number two: buy him something just for fun

Here, I would insert that something you hear him talking about but haven’t actually bought cause he just couldn’t justify the purchase. Extra points because it shows you totally listen to him when he talks about things you’re not necessarily interested in 😉 Example: if my husband wants something just for fun, he likes to tell me “it’ll be fun for the ‘kids'” Uh huh I think to myself. Good one, honey! And act as if it was a dumb idea and surprise him with it later. Again, major brownie points for you!! Anyway you get the point right?!

Number three: make him something handmade

This would be fun for those who appreciate sentiment and also fun for little ones to make. You might be thinking “no way, he would not care for a handmade anything” but you’d be surprised. My kids and I made my husband (who btw is a mans man kind of guy) a frame with all the kids hand and foot prints with a photo of all the kids, with a written phrase “because two fell in love”, and unexpectedly, and I kid you not, he shed some tears that day and hung it next to his bed that same day. It was so sweet. of course you could make anything you feel he’d enjoy.

This years Father’s Day gift

Well this year, I combined all these things and gave my husband the perfect father’s day gift. Of course I benefited from his gift too! Jord was kind enough to send my husband and I matching watches with different finishes from the Frankie Series which covered both the practical and fun gift. They are wooden watches which make them super unique next to what he already has so that was a total plus! We also made him a handmade card with sweet memories from the kids (which he has yet to receive so shh don’t tell ;P). My favorite is when I can check off all 3 off the list. And it looks like this year we did just that!

With Father’s Day right around the corner, Jord is offering my readers a $100 e-gift code to one winner toward any of their watches. You can use it for that special father in your life or for yourself! To enter, all you have to do is click this link. Go enter now!! The giveaway ends on June 11, 2017 at 11:59pm so hurry! Once the giveaway contest ends, everyone who entered will receive a $25 gift code so there is something for everyone 😉 There are tons of watches for all the fellas and the ladies!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you got some ideas for a perfect gift this Father’s Day!

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    great tips! love your photos and your blog!

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    Thanks for the great suggestions! Your photos are beautiful!!

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    I love JORD watches!! My husband and I both have one and we always get compliments on them! Such a perfect gift for Father’s Day.

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