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A simple + easy DIY entryway casing

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Have you ever been forced to lay in bed for long periods of time? Well, I’m officially in my third trimester at 28 weeks and 4 days to be exact, and though I wasn’t put on bed rest (very thankful for that), my baby basically told me today I needed to get off my feet and lay down. The pressure and cramping I’ve been experiencing has been a bit much and forced me to chill and sit most of today. Who would have thought sitting and laying down could be such a burden.. LOL

Well, the good news is, as I already shared a little on instagram, we finished our entryway casing (or framing) that we worked on the past 2 weekends and I was able to take some pictures this morning before baby girl decided we needed to chill. So, yay, I get to share them with you now! This entryway still needs a coat of paint on the walls and a new light fixture which we should have in the budget next month. But for now, these casings make me smile! It automatically gives the entry a little more character, has totally opened up the space and it just seems a little brighter in here now and I am loving that!



There are a lot of blogs I came across that shared their version of putting up casings, but the one that gave me a general idea of how to build one was found here. They did a smaller version. More like a doorway framing, but essentially the same thing. They also gave different variations if you prefer a different look. I thought that was neat. Check them out if you want more details on building it and what pieces you’ll need for the wood.

If you looked closely at ours, you’d see some flaws here and there and you know what?! I am a-ok with that cause after all this is a 70’s house and let’s just pretend I purposely gave it some flaws to fit the rest of the house. Clever, right?! But not too shabby for first timers, so do your self a favor and just dont look toooooo close 😉 Just for kicks, this is how the entryway looked like as is when we moved in. I cringe that 1, I didn’t take any planned out “before” pics (prego brain or just terrible blogger) and 2, the lighting and quality of these are gross, but it’s too good of a reno not to share!
entrywaycasing15 (1)

entrywaycasing16 (1)

entrywaycasing18 (1)

Oh boy, wasn’t those banisters just a bad idea all together?! I don’t care what decade we’re in, I can’t imagine it ever being cool, even in the 70’s! So glad we got rid of those, cause it totally dated the house in an uncool way, don’t you think? Honestly, it may actually work with some people’s style, but I prefer cleaner lines. So here it is being knocked out.

entrywaycasing17 (1)



See the funky tiling? I think those might have been original, and was a pain to remove. For my hubby, anyway! Well here’s the wall before we added the casing and the tiling all gone.



And here is the casings with all the wood cut, sanded, nailed and caulked; ready to be primed and painted.


Tada, the casing all done!



Things are really starting to look more finished in here and I’m starting to really enjoy the process! Up next in this entryway is a much needed coat of paint on the walls and the door, and a new beautiful and simple light fixture!

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to check out the progress at this 70’s ranch build that we’re slowly making our cozy little home! You can also check out our old entryway at the last house here and here which was a lot smaller but we made it work! Anyway have a great Wednesday!


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    Liz Arrieta

    Beautiful Alma! You and Jason have done a lot. Can’t wait to see the house and to meet the precious baby girl that’s coming. Love, Mom

    1. Reply

      thank you! aww can’t wait to meet her too!

  2. Reply

    What a difference!! Those banisters made it look like a jail cell now it looks like a magazine!! Great job Alma!

    1. Reply

      Didn’t it though?! Haha! Thanks so much girl!

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    Christine Vandormolen

    Your space looks amazing!!!

    1. Reply

      thanks so much! it’s been such a process making this house feel more like our home and I feel like it’s really becoming more homey as the days pass!

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    I love your rug in the living room. Can you tell me where it is from please? I love the navy!

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    Kaitlyn | freshandvintageliving

    Beautiful!! & your floors are gorgeous!!

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