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a quick + fun thanksgiving tablescape 2016


Hey friends, this post has already started with me laughing at myself as I start this. One thing I must admit before we start is that I actually took most of these pics with baby girl in my arms. Yes it was feeding time, but I figured she could hang for a good 30 minutes longer in my arms. And if you were already thinking “she’s terrible”, well it gets better! This table was actually laid out and waiting to be pictured 5 whole weeks ago. Yep, you read that right, W E E K S! I’m pretty terrible, I know!


So another thing I also realized is that I have not had the opportunity to share here on the blog that baby Raegan arrived 3 weeks early, on October 20th which has a lot to do with why the tablescape was set up and then abandoned!


So let’s just keep it movin and get to our thanksgiving table this year. It’s no secret that I love my neutrals but I really wanted to have some fun with color.

The colors were inspired by these mini ramekins from the Target dollar spot. I bought them in 3 different colors and they came in packs of 2. The tags that are tied around the napkins were also found in that area. They are actually gift tags but were repurposed here. Also from Target are the mugs which were from last year mixed in with some from this year, and the “give thanks” banner. When I got home, I remembered I had a runner from World Market on hand from last fall that would be perfect with it. Also from World Market are the napkins and candle stands which were also on hand. If you know me, shopping the home for things I already have and mixing it in with the new is what I do! It’s a great way to save money.. although the husband would laugh at that line and tell you all, Alma knows nothing about saving? But I know you guys got my back on this: I totally find great deals!


Anyway the little orange mini pumpkins came from my friend’s garden! She rocks at gardening and I applaud anyone with a green thumb because we all know I don’t got it!


In the mini ramekins are persimmons from my dad’s tree. We have them by the pounds over here. Seriously! Another benefit of having friends and family with the good ol green thumb and it adds another layer of color and fun, all for the free y’all!

Speaking of free, I was supposed to cut a few handfuls of eucalyptus from a tree on the side of the road that I pass every week but of course I completely forgot my shears yesterday and missed the opportunity so we went without greens today and I’m ok with that. But, it’s always easy to add greens in to any table! Another free item, if you just step outside with some shears.


The cute pumpkins on the buffet table and white mini pumpkins are from our local market that the kids and I love going to every year, summer and fall! They have the best fresh seasonal fruits and veggies and are a whole lot cheaper than the grocery store.

If you are a neutrals lover like me, but have random itches to add color into your home and know you’re gonna get tired of it oh so quick, the best way to get it out of your system is to get it out with a flower arrangements of course but also setting a table with color! It’s not permanent and will be fun for those who sit at your table and have a meal together!

Hope you enjoyed our easy fun thanksgiving table. Remember, you don’t have to spend much if anything at all to set a table. Most of what was used was on hand, from a friend and families garden, or at the target dollar spot.

Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate each of you! Tomorrow, I’ll be posting how I quickly swapped out a few items for a very quick and simple neutral thanksgiving table that pretty much anyone can do, especially for us last-minute peeps. Please don’t hesitate with any questions or comments and come visit me anytime on IG where I’m on the most as far as social media goes. Have a blessed week friends❤

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