Add character to your patio with an easy DIY planter box –

Add character to your patio with an easy DIY planter box

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It has been so much fun working on our patio for the Home Depot challenge. We wanted to share sooner with you all but some unforeseen set backs happened. It is all good now and I am so excited to share that we will finally be sharing our patio for the Home Depot Patio Challenge hosted by Home Depot. It will be live on Home Depot’s blog tomorrow. Be sure to check back tomorrow where I will give you all the details and a link to the post!

For today, I wanted to share our DIY planter box which I would say was super easy but did take some time. It was so worth the efforts because it definitely gave our simple patio a lot of interest. I feel like it gave it a lot of personality and it’s also fun for the kids to water and watch grow.

We went with a pine wood that was 1 inch X 8 inch X 6 feet. We needed 12 boards to complete 2 planter boxes that were each 53 in X 29 in. We went with this measurement to cover the dirt below that surrounded the posts.

We basically made 2 L’s as seen below, using our nail gun to combine it and 2 in X 2 in wood for the corners.

Once we got the walls in, we stopped for the day because it was getting way too hot!

The next day we got right back to it. We put in some weed blocker. And while I stained the wood, Jason filled the planter boxes with 2/3 dirt and 1/3 potting soil. As for stain, I went with a random custom color with what was on hand. I wasn’t particular about what color I wanted it to be other than that it would be dark enough for a nice contrast.

Here’s what baby Rae did while I put the plants in..

She was so patient!

And here it is with all the plants in.

I can’t wait for these to grow and for the kids to see the fruits of their labor.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and feeling motivated, if you haven’t already, to start getting the outdoors ready to enjoy! See you tomorrow for the fun patio reveal!

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