Adding a splash of color with some Rifle Paper Co. goodies –

Adding a splash of color with some Rifle Paper Co. goodies

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Hey there my lovely friends! So glad you’re here today visiting with me! The past month has been pretty busy with family visiting from Hawaii. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know! This weekend in particular has been quite busy with not just Mr. J’s parent’s visiting for the month, but also having his brother here from Hawaii and his soon-to-be brother in-law from South Carolina for the weekend to celebrate his bachelor party (he’ll be marrying his beautiful bride in about 5 weeks) and to hang with all his friends and fam one last time as a bachelor! Not only this, but my brother’s wife who also lives in Hawaii came down to hang for the long weekend also, a treat from my brother since she hasn’t been to California in 4 years, to visit friends and family and just a time to relax! It has been a fun-filled weekend and I hope you had a lovely weekend also enjoying the many freedoms we would not have if it weren’t for the many who have fought and died for this country! I’m thankful for my freedom and specifically being free to live for, speak of and serve the one true God! I was reminded this weekend of how easily I can forget what high a cost it is to have this freedom and how I need not ever take this for granted!
Well, today has been calm (a nice change) and I wanted to share with you my little journey of adding some color to our simple and neutral dining room. Sure, it’s still pretty neutral but fun, right?! And with just 2 items too! How simple and easy is that? So again, if you follow me on IG, you’ve already seen my cutest mothers day gift ever from Rifle Paper Co. I got the Citrus Floral print in a 16X20 and a citrus floral recipe box. I just love citrus everything and especially citrus scents, so I was so excited to get this! These are sitting here on our Ikea hacked side board that I blogged about here. I also love the color palette as it still has an airy and fresh vibe to it. I think it fits well in here. I believe that with small homes, things should have a nice flow from room to room. I learned that the hard way and have already changed things and want to change some more things that according to the hubby has already been changed 20 times.. Whoops! HAHA! Anyway, I like the flow from the little botanical gallery I shared with you on this post to these goodies here in the dining room. The color scheme blends nicely, I think anyway, and still both having a neutral vibe with just a touch of color makes such a difference. These rooms sit right next to each other so I liked the nice flow.
If you’ve never heard of this company, it’s worth checking them out. They have the cutest stationary, prints, cards, calendars and they’ve even branched out with other designers in creating other things outside of stationary. They’re style is just so fun and I really enjoyed the items I got. It’s definitely a treat and not something I can just buy all the time as it’s a little pricey for me. But, I will say it is very nice quality and we got a good deal with them having a sale at the time with a coupon code on top. Even the packaging was such high quality. You can find their website here. This is totally not sponsored by them of course and all my own opinion. Really, all cause I was so pleased with the prettiness, quality, and packaging! I really look forward to buying from them again. Oh, I just have to add, doesn’t the style of this citrus print pair so nicely with the Rae Dunn ceramics line by Magenta. I adore her and could have a post of how I so love this line and her creativity! So fun!
The next time I’m over at Rifle Paper Co. shopping online, there are a few things I still would love to purchase and are on my wish list. I hope to purchase a calendar (hopefully I’ll be able to snag one for the up coming year when it becomes available), a journal and maybe more of their cute prints. They’re just so cute. The calendars are kinda small, but I love how cute they are! Here are a few of the cuties on my list..
Is there a place on line you like to shop for prints or home goods? If so, let me know where?? I shop like how I am at restaurants, I stick to what I know. I get so lost on etsy and just online in general. I’d love to try out some new places for goodies for the home. I can be a frugal finder and I do love a good deal.. I do believe there are times when you gotta “treat yo self” as my friend Vikki of @uniqueantweaks so cutely said today on IG (of course knowing me, even on treat yo self days I still look for a sale, coupon code or something ;P).. But for most days I’ll wait for a good bargain. So hook me up with some shops online you love!!
Anyway, hope you enjoyed the little splash of color we added to the dining room with just these 2 items! I think it made the area, though still pretty neutral, a little more happy and ready for summer, don’t you think? Well, thanks for stopping by! See you in the next one! Big Hugs

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