Better late than never Favorite things Friday: Dining –

Better late than never Favorite things Friday: Dining

favorite things friday

Hey guys, it’s more than a couple days since my last post and I just missed sharing on here already. I totally bombed on getting out my favorite things this week but things have been rough here at the Almafied home. Mr. J has been working crazy hours and long work weeks so I’ve been a little exhausted with just the changes and just trying to stay up late waiting for him to get home. You’d think I’d actually get more posts out, right? Ha! No, of course I choose to do my cleaning that I usually get done during the day, at night when the kids go down. So that’s been keeping me super busy. Although I’m still lagging in the laundry department for the week, I did organize my tupperware section in my cabinets, among most of the other kitchen cabinets. Excited about that.

Anyway, today, I thought I’d share some of my first favorite dining rooms and side boards/buffets and are still some of my faves today.

The first dining room I’ve loved since I first was a pinterest fan has been Veronika’s dining room.











Her home is so beautiful, and how I feel I connect with her style is the modern chic she has with a little rustic touches. I am so drawn to this look making this dining room one of my favorites.

The next dining room would be Courtney’s. She has a beautiful blog, but oh her dining room is definitely a favorite since I first set eyes on this.

french dining















I love this mix of country, rustic and chic in this room. It’s hard not to have this up there in the favorite’s list, right?!

This next girl is one of my favoirite blogger. Meet Liz, if you haven’t already. Her dining room that I chose to share is from her previous home because it’s the first dining of hers that I fell in love with.










I love the simplicity of her home and the neutrality of it also. I reminds me that though I like to break rules all the time while decorating, it doesn’t hurt to keep things simple sometimes. LOL. Oh and, I know this is a Christmas themed setting, but you can still appreciate the space in the spring, can’t you? Thanks
I also love her buffet table that she decorates so beautifully!
















Now if you follow her, this was actually used I believe in her entryway, but I think, it would work equally well as a buffet table and it has become one of my favorites!

Next up would be this coffee bar on HGTV’s website. They have an awesome website and though this is a coffee bar, I would so enjoy this as my buffet area in the dining space I have and actually I’ve considered doing something like this. It’s really all a matter of if I can convince Mr. J to let it happen.



Isn’t it beautiful? I love everything about it making it one of my favorites!

Here is a blogger I found on IG. Breanne’s dining room is so beautiful and really her whole house is!

Her home gives a warm and inviting feel. Another thing I am drawn to. I just love the layers of beauty in this space.

Lastly, one of my favorite homes shared on a blog would have to be dear lillie. Her home is so charming and a place I would love to come home to. Her dining room is my favorite!
591bcba98230ecdf368fe4d963b33548Isn’t it classy and just gorgeous?! Just perfect!

Also, I have to share her sideboard that sits in her kitchen cause this is a favorite for sure.




















I love the storage space, the multiple use and multifunctionality it possesses.

That sums up my favorite dining spaces this week. Hope you guys enjoyed these as much as I have. If you love any, give them a visit and say I sent you 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by. Now go and enjoy the sun this weekend (to my fellow Cali folks)! If there’s any of you from out of state, I’m curious to know where, so let me know in the comments below!

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