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How to easily add color to a neutral space for Spring

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Who's patiently waiting for Spring? Not quite sure "patience" is a good word for what I've been feeling but definitely waiting and looking forward to Spring time over here! Honestly, here in California, it's been looking like Spring for about a week now and the kids and I have been loving every bit of it! Being able to swing my windows open.. (ok I wish I was swinging them open,…

Kitchen progress at the almafied ranch reno

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You guys, have I been lagging on showing you the kitchen progress or what?! Can I be totally honest with you right now? Truthfully, it really makes me cringe a little sharing a half done project with you all. Especially since it's already been 7 months since we first started on the kitchen but it's come to a halt because we had to wait on my dad who is helping…

How we welcome winter + our living room tour at the cozy modern cottage ranch

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Brr.. its cold in here! Probably the hubby's least favorite line right now. I've been like a broken record the past week to him about how cold it's been. I don't like to think of myself as a high maintenance girl, but man when it comes to temperature, I equally strongly dislike being in super hot weather or super cold. Please tell me I'm not the only one! Who gets…

One Room Spring Tour: Living Room

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Hey friends. A few weeks ago, my sweet friend Kathleen over at Lindsay Hill Interiors asked me to be a part of the #OneRoomSpringTour and only a crazy woman would say no to that, right?! Before we get started, I wanted to mention I have an awesome update on where we're at with our house being on the market but let's be real.. you didn't come today for that so…

Easing into Christmas 2015 home tour

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Hey guys, I really wanted to keep things a little simple this year and just add pops of Christmas instead of pulling out the whole shebang and I have to say I am really loving this really laid back Christmas decor we have going on over here and hope you can appreciate it too. And maybe get some ideas if you aren't feeling like going too crazy this year also!…

2015 Summer Home Tour

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Hey hey hey!! Are you tired of me talking about summer yet?! I hope not, cause today I'm sharing our summer home or our home in the summer ;) Well, this isn't too far from how my house would be styled throughout the year if it could because I would say summer time would be my personal style and I think this is true for the whole family. We're a…