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We officially have a one year old running wild

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You guys, I don't always share on family here on the blog, but when I do, you know it's special! It's definitely special because our sweet girl turned 1 last week! Baby Rae decided to walk at 11 months after we specifically asked her not to act old until she was 1. Totally kidding... but not really. We really weren't ready for her to not be our little crawling babe…

A Gift Idea Guide For Father’s Day: 3 Fool Proof Tips

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Who else gets overwhelmed when it comes time to pick a thoughtful gift for the special father's in our lives? Today I wanted share the top three things on my list when aiming for the perfect gift when the kids and I try to decide on what to get daddy for father's day. It hasn't always been easy, but I promise, sticking to these 3 tips when choosing a gift…

Our DIY built in coffee station

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Just 1 more day till I hit my 34th week in my pregnancy! And honestly, there are no signs in this house of expecting the arrival of a newborn.. Other than the fact that I look like I'm hiding a beach ball underneath my clothes. Pretty sad, I know. Life has been a rollercoaster since finding out we were expecting.. We were in our first year of homeschooling 2 kids,…

How I keep my blog and IG photos light, bright and airy + a super affordable lighting kit review video

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Hey there, happy Monday friends! Today I wanted to share a little on the simple and easy edits I make on how I take bright and airy photos here at the Almafied blog and on Instagram. Note: I am no expert at photo taking or lighting but because I always get a lot of questions on how I get my photos to be so bright and airy on Instagram, I…

All about our family room and dining room curtains+ Ikea Vivan Review

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Hey there, as I'm writing this, the family is feeling a little spoiled today (and yesterday) sitting indoors all day in ac. It's been 100 degrees here the past few days and I am aware this is nothing compared to other places in the world, but here we aren't used to this heat. And even if I moved to where it did get hotter than this, I still wouldn't get…

Both beautiful and encouraging prints

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Hi Y'all, well the theme of this summer has been there is none. Even though we've had lots of fun times this summer, it still feels like the summer that got away. School is starting in less than 2 weeks and just as my 7th grader is feeling the "summer is over already" withdrawals, mommy is right there with him! LOL. But, I did get something in the mail this…