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Our simple + functional no entryway entry

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Hello sweet friends! So glad you came and visited today! So I've had just about the roughest weekend ever and I did share a little on my instagram feed. But what I don't think I mentioned was that my husband had caught some type of stomach virus while I was away at a sleepover for 2 of my dear friend's birthdays. Yep, moms can have sleepovers too once in a…

Favorite things Friday: Organization

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Hey there! Hope this week has been a beautiful one. I live in California, so here, we see a lot of sun. So, of course a lot of naturally beautiful days. Although, this week, I had a lot of catching up on chores to do, so I didn't get to really enjoy much of it outside. Toward the end of my week, my oldest son got a fever and still…

February flashbacks


Hey guys, so I wanted to do a flash back and review a few of the posts I shared here on Almafied.com for the month of February. I have officially been blogging on here for about a month now and I just want to thank all of you who have stopped by and given me feedback. Thank you for all the kind words, encouragement and just taking the time to…

Things we’ve had to say bye to this past week in this decluttering process


So, if you've read my post on the latest "inspire me mondaze" you might have an idea that I'm trying to declutter my home one room at a time.. Some days a little from here and there, depending on how scatterbrained I am that day. Well just this past week, we actually sold 3 things that actually all hurt me just a teensie bit.. Okay, maybe a lot. But, I…

Stumbled on these 2 quotes on IG and Loved it!


Ugh, yes yes... A lesson I am still learning coming into the year 2015. "Buy less, choose well." I don't really do "new years resolutions", I just don't ever really stick to them. But I do tend to make lists of things I need to work on in my own life, and its something that happens through out the year that will probably go on til I die. We got…