Creating a freestyle wall gallery with what’s on hand + mini sitting corner –

Creating a freestyle wall gallery with what’s on hand + mini sitting corner

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Hey there, I know it’s been a while since we’ve connected on here and I feel like I’ve said this on the last few posts! I really have been trying to get it together over here with balancing life and I’m seeing more and more that I am just not an organized person. It just doesn’t come naturally to me. I mean, make a space organized and pretty, I’m your girl, but organize your life.. I am not the one! But God has been gracious to me and I’m thankful despite my failures in this area, my kids are still alive, healthy, and thriving, my husband still loves me (I think. HA) and I have another day to work on what God has brought to my attention. It’s crazy how much there is to be thankful for, even as we see our own failures in life, right?!


Well speaking of being organized, I have to admit that a lot of these items here have been sitting in a box or a corner just waiting to be used. So, I decided I would do a not so thought out wall gallery that was going to be organic, freestyle and kind of make art out of random things that would make this boring wall a little fun. In the process, it also evolved into a sitting area where we can take our shoes off and drop our keys since it’s the midpoint between the garage where we usually enter and the front door.
wall collage 2


This gallery wall/ collage was initially placed here above a desk that was actually here for the last few months. I really wanted to share that with you but this weather in all its gloomy glory wasn’t budging and I doubt you would have enjoyed seeing dark and sad photos (A friend did recommend a lighting kit so I am looking into that now). But alas, I kept finding shoes kicked to the side of the desk on the daily. I really loved having the desk here and it may come back again, and if it does, I promise to share! But for now, were going to see if having this here functions better. (Here’s another gallery wall I did with just frames and botanical prints on this wall.)

gallery wall collage 13


The gallery wall was actually done on a whim a few weeks ago when I randomly stopped into a Ross with my hubby and I stumbled upon this large metal “A”. Give me all the “A”s! This one was different and when I saw that it was on sale for $5, it was definitely coming home with me. But of course, it had nowhere to go and that’s when I decided to make a quirky little gallery of things on hand that didn’t have a home. It was actually fun because I didn’t even do a lay out or plan where things were going to go like I usually would do. I just started by putting the “A” in the middle somewhere and built around it. It is missing somethings, but this is good for now. I decided this would be fun, not at all perfect as art should be.. But it would be something that was an enjoyable little project, quick and not so serious. I thought to myself, what’s the worst that could happen??

catch all space 10
Well, hubby gets home and hates it. LOL! First words were “I thought you said you were gonna simplify?” To his defense, I did say that.. But who am I kidding.. And to be honest, it’s been a few weeks now, and I still enjoy it. And even Mr. J says he doesn’t mind it.. So we’re good! I need to also add that there is a way to simplify and not take out the fun. And that’s exactly what I’m doing. Who’s with me?!

entry way seating bench 11
Anyway, after taking the desk out, we replaced it with a storage bench and a little table. Both these items were clearance items also. The bench was purchased at TJMaxx maybe 4 years ago but I do still see them today. And the little table is actually a laptop/tv tray type of table but is used as a side table here and was purchased at Ross with the “A” sign. Below the bench is just a wine crate that hold a few of the little one’s regularly used shoes. It’s been helpful so far, keeping things a little more orderly in here while still blending into the family room.
gallery wall 5

cozy corner 9

I am such a believer in making your space work for your family. We all function differently and the builder of the home might not have built your house with the same intentions, but what matters is that the space works for you! This corner doesn’t necessarily look like it would function as this, but if it works for us, I am fine with that! Until of course I have a slow day and then decide to try something new!!

collage sitting area 4

Thanks so much for stopping by and sorry if I talked your ear off. If you have a wall that you’d like to brighten up and create your own art, a gallery wall might get your creative juices flowing and some random items off the floor =P! It’s been a while so I’ve missed connecting with you here! Hope to share more soon!!

Wall hooks, mason jar vase, bench, chunky woven pillow- TJ Maxx
Metal mail bin- Marshalls
Boxwood wreath, bread board cork board- Target
Wall calendar- Rifle Paper Co.
Backless frames, chalkboard frames- found items
Yellow clock, antlers hook- World Market
Stripe pillows- HM

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