Creatively using space behind our couch –

Creatively using space behind our couch

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Hello my fellow home decor enthusiast! Hope you’ve started your day great and ready for another Almafied rando-commando moment, (I kinda make words up and some just stick.. This is something I have been saying since I was like 9. Can someone please tell me I am not the only who says this!) creating space out of nothing! It’s like a game to me to do this! Can I just say it is one of the best things about living in a small home with a growing family. It keeps me on my toes, being creative with what I got and always trying to make the home more functional, pretty and just a place we love to come home to! It really is such a joy for me to do this so I hope you can enjoy the random ideas and the quest to a more beautiful, functional and cozy home I try to create for the whole fam and to share with you.


With that said, today I wanted to share a little space I created here behind our sectional couch. Nothing new was purchased to create this space, just a little switcheroo.. Nothing in this home stays put forever;) Well, there was nothing here and I even flirted with the idea of putting my side board that was an Ikea hack here and move my china cabinet (which is also an Ikea hack you can view here and here) to the wall it is currently sitting at. But, who am I kidding, I don’t want people putting their coffee and red juice directly behind this beige couch.. I can only imagine the many spills that would go on between all the accidental bumps to the kids just being kids.. No. Thank. You. Haha. Now, I know the conventional thing to do here is to have a sofa table.. And while I know that would be lovely, it’s just not something I want for the space right now. So, instead, we added this bench, which prior to this was sitting between the couch and the tv and you can see that in this post. I decided to move it here since, not only did it fit perfectly without moving anything else around, but my kids are always running in and out of the back yard so what better idea than to have a bench here for them to kick their shoes off and back on. Interestingly enough, my oldest son, always seems to find his way to this bench whenever he gets home to update me about his day at school. I guess it’s a comfy seat too! I’d say I’m pretty pleased with how much more this bench has been used since it’s found its new home.


I also used this stool that will eventually be painted or stained as a side table. It’s so perfect for the space and I loved it so much I actually own 2. You’ll find the other one also repurposed here and here. It’s such a multifunctional piece and so sturdy! Below the bench are 2 crates that hold cook books and some magazines that I still need to go through! I have been having a basket off to the side with the kids play shoes that they use specifically to run wild in the back yard but I’ll spare your eyes the dirty shoes today and replace it with a cleaner basket with some clean pillows ;). But, I can’t promise that you’ll never see them on random IG posts. LOL.


So, that pretty much sums up the makeshift seating area I created in this once unuseful space. As an owner of a small home, it really challenges me to make do with what we have and really think through every square footage and doing my best to make the most of it. I’m sure you can relate on some level, right?! Whether we have little or much, we all generally want a functional home, making good use with the space we have to some degree. There may come a day that we move out of this small fixer upper we call and embrace as home, but until then, we will enjoy what God has already so graciously blessed us with. May our home, no matter how big or small, always be used for His glory! Hope you were encouraged in some way today to make your house more homey, more suitable to your families needs and to not shy away from getting creative just cause it’s “not what people usually do in their homes”. Here, you are always welcome to be creative, weird, odd and random!! Have a great day friend and thanks so so much for stopping by! And feel free to come say hello to me on my IG feed where I’m at when I’m not here or let me know your thoughts in the comment bar!XX


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