DIY Chalkboard+ Galvanized Letters Decor: Part 2 –

DIY Chalkboard+ Galvanized Letters Decor: Part 2

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Hey guys, so if you checked out part 1 of this project, that was my DIY chalkboard. I also wanted to add the word “eatery” somewhere in my kitchen space and was debating for a while. I purchased these letters during the big sale that happened during the presidents day sale on top of already 40 % off items and it was such a bargain that I really couldn’t resist. When I decided to make this chalkboard for this space, I knew the word would fit perfect above the chalk board.

DSC_0824This is what the space looked like before I added the galvanized letters. So why choose “eatery” of all words.. Well by definition eatery means a restaurant or other place where people can be served food. Well at this stage in my life, this is pretty much what goes on in this kitchen day after day. And honestly, I’m not even mad about it. I love feeding my family and showing them how to serve by simply serving them food. The meals might not be the fanciest, but you will leave the kitchen full and satisfied;)



To get it to be pretty centered, I pretty much measured the chalkboard from end to end.  Laid the galvanized letters on the floor, spaced it out to my liking and found that it was perfect with 3.5 inches to spare on each side. I then put the first and last letters up first then the third and fourth to center it and then did the second and fifth letters last. It worked out well. I also enjoy an imperfectly perfect home so this definitely is my excuse to not always be so precise with these types of projects.

I thought the space looked a little too rustic for my liking, so I switched out the dried rosemary for some faux peachy hydrangeas. Don’t get me wrong, I love rustic homes. But for me, and my personal style.. I love a good mix of rustic, country and chic. And I am realizing I do like a touch of modern also incorporated in my space as I really do enjoy clean lines in furniture. I just can’t have too much of one thing.. It makes me feel off balance for some reason. Looks like my weirdness is revealing itself.. Cause before now, no one knew I was weird, right?! LOL.


This whole DIY project has to be a new fave as the chalkboard was mainly built from items I already had around the house and even something my husband almost threw in the trash (mentioned in part 1). The letters were a steal. The little space that was once despised, is really now one of my favorite little spaces in the home. Isn’t it lovely? I think so. And the fact that it was almost all at no cost, and so functional, these are what appeals to me! Also pictured is the kitchen cart revamp and repurposed I did and blogged all about it here. Check that out if you haven’t already!

Although my house is no where near perfect or grand, it has many flaws: some chips and holes in the wall, paint peeling on certain furniture, dust piling in certain corners (that I will eventually get to cause I hate that).. the list goes on.. But even in a space with many flaws, I still can find many reasons to love it, to decorate it, to make it a home for my family to enjoy. I hope this inspired you today to keep it up on making your house a home and to think twice the next time you think about throwing things away. Stay creative lovelies!

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