DIY farmhouse “eat” sign –

DIY farmhouse “eat” sign

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Hey friends, today I wanted to share a simple and quick DIY farmhouse styled “eat” sign. Here I go with my Michael’s galvanized letters again. I mean, with their sales and coupons, who can say no to these, right?! They are so cute and I just love the touch it brings to our home. And it’s pretty clear I love having words all around the house. That’s probably the main reason I have chalkboards everywhere! Anyway, let’s jump right into it!
The materials I needed to make this:
-4 pallet pieces that actually came in the mail with a huge delivery package for MR. J
-150 grit sand paper
-a mixture of Minwax stains in the shades classic oak, classic gray and Jacobean (whatever was on hand really, lol)
-an old t-shirt to apply the stain
-some nails
-a good ol’ hand saw (because I did it in my garage and didn’t wanna make a big mess)
-the galvanized letters.
-hooks to be able to hang sign



I basically just put 3 of the pallets together and nailed it with 2 smaller pieces going across on each end and nailing them together that way. Then sanded it down just to get a bit of a more cohesive and smooth piece. I then stained it, added some hanging hooks in the back and finally added 3 nails to the front to hang the letters. Simple as 1,2,3 =)


The reason I used nails to hang the letters, was because I felt if I ever felt the need to switch things around, I could change it to one of my favorite drinks: tea!! I hate to drink my calories, but when I want something fun, I love going to Starbucks and getting their black Tazo iced tea, with classic sweeter and a splash of half and half (lightly iced)! Sounds so specific, right? Yeah, that’s crazy Alma for you! But go try it! It’s so simple and yummy!
This project takes about an hour or so to do, and adds a beautiful farmhouse touch to the space. I am really enjoying seeing it in the otherwise, overlooked corner! Isn’t it fun! I’m personally in love! Have you done any DIY projects lately that you just adore?? Please do share in the comment section at the top, I’d love some new ideas! I do have another pallet project coming soon! I just haven’t had the time to work on it, but I look forward to sharing that with you too! Have an awesome day and keep creating!!!

Before without the sign
After with the new DIY farmhouse sign!


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    Liz Arrieta

    Alma, I’ll bet you could sell some of these signs.

    1. Reply

      aww thanks! yeah, I’ve been thinking about sharing some of the things i make and selling it. we’ll see. for now, I’m just gonna enjoy creating new things that make the house more homey and personal! thanks for checking this out!

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    Amy Walker

    I second that! You need an Etsy store for your next adventure. BTW, props on a successful blog. I find myself checking yours on a regular basis and I’m not a blogger type of person at all! Great job marketing yourself and your skills 🙂

    Don’t be surprised if my house starts to look like yours….

    1. Reply

      aww amy, that is the biggest compliment coming from a designer! and hmm.. i am still thinking about the easy thing. You really made me smile the biggest smile this morning, thanks for that! and girl!! i would love to have a matching house with you any day! lol! yours would just be the more beautiful and big one! 😉

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    Ashley Quehe

    WOW! I love your blog. I cant believe I just found it … May I ask what camera you use?
    A Condo To A Home

    1. Reply

      Aww thanks so much Ashley!! I use a Nikon d3300. it was actually a random surprise from my husband when he stumbled upon it on groupon. I’m still learning how to use it. But it is fairly new, so if you’re interested, it may still be there. Hope this helps! And thanks for the sweetest comment!

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