Family Room Update: The Fireplace –

Family Room Update: The Fireplace

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Wow time is flying and here we are in week 2, where it’s all about our fireplace and though it’s not completely done, we are almost there!

Last week I shared how the room looked like before we moved and the temporary fix. Here’s what we planned out for the fireplace/tv wall:

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Well we started working on this wall a little before the ORC here (slowly) and decided to give the whole room an update since we were already working on this fireplace wall. We worked here and there but all in all it took us about a week from demo to putting up the drywall and finishing with compound:

Then we sprayed the walls with Behr Ultra Pure White:

We sprayed the wall using this paint sprayer :

We tested it out first on this breakfast table and it went well so we knew it would be awesome on the walls and it was. It was super user friendly and easy to clean. The one thing I can say about sprayers in general is when you are planning to use it, make it worth your time because you will need to clean it after so if you plan on spraying a little side table, maybe combine it with another project you were planning on doing.

After living with the fireplace wall being all white for a bit, we felt like it really needed a little more character so we decided to try out Pure and Original paint in their Fresco Lime line. It should be arriving soon, so looking forward to trying that out.

For the shelves, because ours needed to be a bit deeper than the usual shelves to house our consoles, we were limited on what to use. So we went with pine boards:

The edges weren’t finished but we found these end mouldings that fit perfectly on the ends of the shelf:

The wall sconces above the shelves are temporary because the ones we are getting aren’t in stock yet but we will be using these:

We plan on using these baskets to hide the media console/dvds and things:

Then we did the tile:

We used blue tape to mimic the shape and size of where the tile was going to go and used it as our guide of what to cut. It worked well! We laid it in a herringbone pattern and used a dark grey grout.

And while I was out my love gave the inside of the fireplace a fresh coat of black.

Tomorrow, the fireplace doors will be delivered so I am pretty excited for that! So for the wall it looks like all we need to do now is paint the wall, install the fireplace doors, switch out the lights when they come in, put the baseboards in and the edging where the tile meets the flooring.

Hope we can finish this all in time for the final reveal! So what do you think of the progress so far? I am so excited to get this done and honestly, sharing with you has been a great motivation to complete this room! So thank you for being here and following along our crazy journey of making this house more homey and fit for our family.

Be sure to check out some other projects going on for this challenge! See you here next week!


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    amazing progress!! I so have to save this as reference to when I am ready to build my own built-in feature wall with a stunning fireplace! can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

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    Iris Nacole

    Oh my gosh, Alma! This looks amazing! I am so envious of y’all’s skills! I wish we could do something as great in our own house! Any wait to see more!

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    Wow Alma! That is impressive work! It looks amazing!

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