Family Room Update: The perfect couch cover + pillow mix –

Family Room Update: The perfect couch cover + pillow mix

Bloggers Challenge, home sweet home

We are in the thick of this family room update as we are on week 4 of the One Room Challenge. I just got news that the whole challenge will be extending this 6 week challenge an extra week due to a lot of set backs from all the recent events that’s transpired over the last month.

We actually couldn’t do any work here either because we were all very distracted with the Napa fires last week and last-minute decided to celebrate our baby girl’s 1st birthday when we saw the smoke clearing outside.

So, while our plans have been set back, today I wanted to take the opportunity to share our sofa and some pillows we chose for this room.


Before we talk about the sofa, I have to mention we did also choose a coffee table. I was so torn between a few, but when I saw there was a deal going on, I couldn’t pass it up!

(This is a sponsored post but as always, all opinions are my own. Affiliate links may be included)

For our sofa, we decided to get a deeper couch than what was here before and originally I was between sofas. I loved the Ikea Farlov Sofa but wasn’t too fond of the cover choices they currently had in store. When I stumbled across a company called Bemz, which basically customize all the slip covered furniture at Ikea with a big selection of different fabrics, we decided to get the sofa and cover it with a beautiful Bemz cover. They sent us samples of different fabrics I was considering for our Farlov Sofa and 2 Ektorp chairs. We decided to go with Brera Lino in Natural for our Farlov sofa and Brera Lino in Ink Blue for our Ektorp armchairs which I shared a little bit of in Week 1.


Here’s a closer look at the Farlov sofa with the Bemz cover in Brera Lino Natural.

I really appreciate how nicely made these covers are, and how perfectly they fit. The attention to detail is on point! They also sent me some pillow covers that fit 26X26 pillows we use in here and I love these also. The fabric is called Rosendal Pure Washed Linen in Unbleached.

This cover really steps up this sofa to another level. And the fabric feels so good, soft and has such a pretty linen texture to it. I can’t wait for my other Bemz armchair cover to come in so I can see it all together and share more of these beauties!

This Bemz cover is also the perfect canvas for pretty pillows! I created a board of some of my favorite neutral pillow combos from Tonic Living for our space.


 Last year I got a pair of pillows from Tonic Living and wow their pillows are amazing. The quality of both their inserts and covers are amazing. They’re the perfect weight and feel like they won’t lose their shape over time. So for this update, I knew I wanted to add pillows from Tonic Living! They also have a lot of pretty prints to choose from, I had a tough time narrowing it down.


I did finally choose what I think is perfect for this modern family room update and when these came in, I was like a kid at a candy store. These pillows are so great! If you are looking for great quality pillows with modern prints, these are it!

It’s no surprise I went with a neutral palette but I think I kept it interesting with the mix of pattern! Do you ever get overwhelmed or scared of mixing patterns? Don’t be!

Here’s my personal 3 tips for easily mixing pillow that are pleasing to the eye:

-Tip 1- 

Mix larger, medium and small scaled prints

-Tip 2-

Stick with a color palette with a max of 3 (4 if it’s neutral) colors or shades. Too many different colors can look too busy and even tacky.

-Tip 3-

Use varying sizes. Pillows that are all the same size is less interesting!

I chose each pillow because I felt like each one could mix and match with each other and with pillows I already had on hand.

What do you think of our coffee table, couch and pillow choices? Each week it gets more nerve-wracking and yet exciting thinking about this room being all done! I’m hoping we can get to painting this weekend! I’ll let you know what’s up next week. Thanks guys! Check out more updates happening here.


Interested in any of the items I shared? Click the photo for a direct link:



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    Natalie Gallagher

    Your home is gorgeous and I love how your space is coming along! I’m curious about those gorgeous floors. Could you please share the specs??

  2. Reply

    That slipcover!!! LOVE! the pillows are looking fantastic too … love the mix of patterns and Tonic Living is just amazing isn’t it?

  3. Reply
    Ashley Minnings

    We were looking at that same Ikea couch, but had the same issue with the slip covers. Good tip about Bemz 🙂
    The space is looking beautiful!

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