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Favorite things Friday: Organization

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Hey there! Hope this week has been a beautiful one. I live in California, so here, we see a lot of sun. So, of course a lot of naturally beautiful days. Although, this week, I had a lot of catching up on chores to do, so I didn’t get to really enjoy much of it outside. Toward the end of my week, my oldest son got a fever and still currently has one, needless to say, I will be indoors once again today. But,hey, I still get to feel the sun pouring through the windows and I love that. God is good: HE gives us a beautiful sun to enjoy!

Anyway, for this weeks Favorite things, I wanted to share my favorite organization things. I have been on an organizing kick. Mainly because lately I’ve been thinking and rethinking of ways to better organize my small home. And have just came across some great stuff I wanted to share with you!

First I wanted to share a post I found at housemixblog.com. She has a cool post on simplifying and organizing your home one room at a time here. She has some great tips and I enjoyed the share.

I love a good organized pantry! Like seriously, it makes my heart sing. This one is so pretty and looks very user friendly. I love that it is open and out on display also. It’s found over at domainehome.com and I stumbled on it here.

Next up is an organized laundry room. Well, this is a post on bhg.com that talks about how to make laundry day easier. YESS PLEASE! Laundry is not the most ideal chore for me. I like chores that don’t have so many steps. Like, when I clean my kitchen, I stay in the kitchen the whole time and everything is there for me to complete the job. Same goes for the bathroom. But, with laundry, it has steps you have to take and requires putting away, which means hitting up every room in the house. Not so fun. But this laundry room makes doing laundry seem “easier” and prettier. I found this post here.

This beautiful diy organizer for all things jewelry caught my eye. Love the idea of all my jewelery being in one place (right now its in a few places) and I love how it’s displayed so beautifully. I found this beauty here.

Who has a small bathroom space that needs better use of the space. Well, so do I. It’s the story of my life. Making space with what I have and of course making it pleasing to the eyes in the process. And I love using wall space to work it out. This bathroom executes that idea beautifully here.

Last up on my favorite organization things is this simple command center for the kids. I have been thinking of how I could incorporate something like this in our home but haven’t decided. I do have a coat rack in the hallway upstairs (similar to this) next to the kids room with space to do this there, but haven’t committed to it. But here’s one found on pinterest a while ago here.

Hope this can inspire some of you as you organize your homes. If you have any favorite organization ideas, please share your thought or share the link for everyone down below. I’d love to hear from you;) Thanks again, have a great weekend!!!


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    Liz Arrieta

    I like the DIY on jewelry. I love the earring picture frame you made me and I still use it today. I’d love to try hanging my necklaces one day. Thanks for these tips. Apartments in Hawaii are small so this fits in our category. Praying we can move to a bigger place and I’ll definitely use more of your tips! Hope Warren feels better soon.

    Love ya,


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      yay, glad you’re still using it! thanks mom, warren wasn’t feverish when he went to bed, so praying it doesn’t come again while he’s sleeping.

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