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Favorite things Friday: spring fever

favorite things friday

Hey Guys, so I know I missed favorite things Friday last week. There really wasn’t an excuse but that life got hectic with a little needy 3-year-old who had a weird fever with no other symptoms than what seemed to be growing pains. Anyway, I wanted to share my favorite Spring themed things! Hope you love these as much as I do!

First up would be my favorite spring mantel! I love the use of the old windows, succulents and the garden and natural vibe I get! Honestly, just everything about this is just beautiful and screams Spring! And I love it! You can find Lucy at Craftberrybush here.

Next up would be my favorite spring table setting. I love the simplicity of just having vases filled with flowers yet not simple at all with all the beautiful touches of the room as a whole. This is such a fun and easy way to make a room feel happy and springy: flowers, lots of flowers! And lots of natural light flowing in helps too! You can find this table setting here.

Here is my favorite spring appropriate sunroom/patio. I love how neutral it is with the pops of greenery and the neutral yet fun pillows! I also love how this space brings the comfort of a living room outdoors! This beautiful space is found here.

I know this is so simple, but this is my favorite welcoming sign and alternative to hanging a wreath at the door. It’s so simple, yet so fun, making it definitely my favorite! It’s like preparing you for the burst of spring behind this door! I found this on etsy here.

When I think of spring, I think of an airy house, filled with lots of natural lighting, with greenery and flowers bringing the outdoors in, with windows opened and curtains flowing! And while there are no curtains in this picture, this room definitely meets all these things, making this room an absolute favorite! You can find this at Ballard Designs here.

So I know I shared my favorite spring mantle, and yes this would work on a mantle, we shall call this my favorite spring vignette. I love the colors, the garden and nature inspired items and the sea glass jars! Isn’t it so beautiful and well thought out?! You can find this here.

This is my favorite thing to use to decorate in spring- flowers. Although right now, as I write this, I literally have no real flowers in my home.. Do silk flowers count?? LOL. But seriously flowers are the perfect and probably most effective way to make the home springy! And I love peach colored flowers of all kinds. They’re kinda my favorite shade all year round! Find this here.

So, one thing I eventually wanna have is a decorated front porch. It’s kinda one of those things I want at the top of my to do list, unfortunately Mr. J feels there are a few other things in the home we need to tackle first before this project, so I’m just gonna be browsing inspirations until then. This for sure has to be a favorite spring front porch! I love the pops of candy apple green, the white hydrangea and the beautiful wicker! You’d find me hanging around my front porch all day if it was styled like this. I couldn’t find the actual source of this, but I found this here.

Last up would be this perfectly styled floor spring arrangement. Can I call it that? Sure, why not? The mix of the vintage metal treasure chest (Idk that it’s a “treasure” chest but I imagine there are treasures in there ;)) with wooden crates topped with flowers equals amazing spring styling to me! This would look perfect in an empty corner or in a wide walk way. Wherever it can fit really! LOL. Could you imagine this on your dining table?? Haha. That might be a little too crazy, so let’s keep it on the floor. This is found on Tumblr, here.

Anyway, what do you guys think of my favorite things- spring inspired? Comment up top! I know these have personally inspired me to get some spring decorating in this week. I’ve done a little, but this pushed me to work on some areas I haven’t really paid much attention to. Hope these gave you some ideas for your home this spring as you may be taking down the bunnies and eggs in a few days after Easter! Have a wonderful Easter and a great weekend as a whole friends!

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