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Favorite things Friday!

favorite things friday

Hey y’all, so if you’ve followed my posts so far, you know I had a category called “inspire me mondays”. Well I recently discovered what seems to be a community thing among the bloggers world called “favorites friday, friday favorites and favorite things friday” so I figured I should get on the band wagon and do the same! It is pretty much the same idea with just a title change and I guess it would be a little more broad. Sounds good to me!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my favorite things this week!

First up would be this awesome little girls bedroom! My baby girl used to have her own room and it was the sweetest little room, but her biggest bro needed to have his own room so she ended up sharing with her other bro (who I’d like to call her twin since they’re only 19 months apart and are about the same size). But this sooo made me wanna give her back her own room! LOL! You can find this photo here.

















Next would be my favorite bedding. Now I know we have officially entered spring and this is very wintery, but I just could not get over the coziness. Am I crazy for loving something out of season?? I think not!

















Okay, so here is my favorite side table that is definitely a spring look but of course would do well in the home all through out the year. Find it here.














Here’s a room I love that due to the lighting looks cold and gloomy, but I actually love the room. I specifically love the chair. I see myself totally curling up in that making this my favorite chair found here.
















Next up would be this beautiful kitchen and sitting space. It looks like they used this breakfast nook area as a sitting area and its just such a cozy space. Find my favorite kitchen/sitting area here.













So, one thing I love is the mix of styles. Here I love the mix of a rustic table with a chic chandelier! Sooo my style, making this my favorite chandelier found here.





















What is it about an organized area that makes my heart sing. This has to be my favorite organized area here.



















Last up, here’s my favorite bathroom. It is gorgeous and wow, that mirror is stunning isn’t it? I know I don’t have a space like this, but a girl could dream. LOL. Find this here.




















These are my favorite things this week, and you can check out more of my favorite things on my pinterest page here. Also you can come visit me on my instagram page and Facebook page! Have a wonderful weekend friends!


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