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Favorites Friday

favorite things friday

Hey y’all, I haven’t done a favorites Friday in a while, and am finally on it today! Hope you’ve all had a productive week and are all ready to wind down to start the beautiful weekend up ahead! I am so looking forward to celebrating, my middle child, Ty’s 5th birthday this weekend; watching the new Avengers movie and some Chick-Fil-A for lunch and of course cake with some of his friends. He’s so excited as this was all on his request.. Such simple requests that I know will bring big smiles! Well, here are my favorite things for the week that are simple but brought big smiles on my face! Hope you can enjoy them as much as I have!

Favorite Spring Pops of color (yes I like color, haha)


Favorite living room


Favorite bathroom


Favorite kitchen


Favorite bathroom


Favorite antique piece: card catalogue


Favorite open shelving


Favorite diy head board


Favorite dining room


Favorite steel framed windows/doors


Favorite hallway

hall 2

Favorite repurposed bookshelf

14bobshelf and ladder

Well, there you have some of my favorite things this week that’s now up on my pinterest page under “I’m Inspired” if you wanna check those out. Gosh there were so much I wanted to share that really inspired me this week, but I know these are plenty!  Have an awesome weekend and show me some love in the comment bar (a little “hey girl, hey” will do ;)) just so I know someone’s out there.. Also, feel free to also connect with me on Instagram where you’ll find me more regularly or even Facebook! Thanks for stopping by; til next week sweet friends!


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    Regina Gibson

    It’s Regina from IG;) Beautiful inspiration sweet friend! I love that dining room and have that living room pinned too! Have a sweet day in our Lord!

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      Hey Regina, thanks so much for stopping by! Yay, so cool that we have the same room pinned! That kitchen is perfect!! You too dear friend!

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