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February flashbacks


Hey guys, so I wanted to do a flash back and review a few of the posts I shared here on Almafied.com for the month of February. I have officially been blogging on here for about a month now and I just want to thank all of you who have stopped by and given me feedback. Thank you for all the kind words, encouragement and just taking the time to even visit. I really do appreciate you and am thankful to have even one person inspired by this blog.
When I first started the blog, Valentines Day 2015 was approaching so I shared a simple, fast and easy Valentines Day decor idea. You can actually use this similar idea to decorate for different times of the year. You’ll find more on that here
IMG_6616 copy
The second thing I shared was our diy chalk board cabinet sitting at the top of our stairs with a Valentines Inspired theme on it. This has so heavily been used since it found it’s home here and I surprisingly got a lot of feedback from you guys, that it inspired you to do something similar in your home! So glad some of you enjoyed that. If you haven’t seen it, you can check it out here: here
Another thing I shared was my top drugstore favorites. I am a fan of all things beautiful and makeup is just another tool.. If you have a love for makeup, read more about it here
Here’s our window seating area and my love for decorating. I decorate on a budget, and this space is no exception to that. See more on deals I scored and more on this area here
Fitness talk.. How does this fit into beauty.. Well, in my world fitness is such a beautiful thing. I love how it challenges a person both mentally and physically! If you want to see more on my start to weight training, click here.
Our lovely kitchen cart that I revamped and repurposed. The area of the kitchen it sits in is an odd space, but it totally works here. I love this piece, come check it out here.
One of my favorite posts that I shared this past month has to be our small dining space. I love how functional this space is, despite the lack of space. Haha, you like that..? Anyway, if you haven’t checked it out and want some small dining area ideas, head on over here.

This about sums up some of my personal favorites and some I got a lot of good feedback on from you guys. Thanks again for the support and love guys! Looking forward to sharing new things here in the new month of March! Hope you all will join me!

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