How to easily add color to a neutral space for Spring –

How to easily add color to a neutral space for Spring

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Who’s patiently waiting for Spring? Not quite sure “patience” is a good word for what I’ve been feeling but definitely waiting and looking forward to Spring time over here!

Honestly, here in California, it’s been looking like Spring for about a week now and the kids and I have been loving every bit of it! Being able to swing my windows open.. (ok I wish I was swinging them open, but it’s more of a slide, ha!)
and watching the kids run around outside instead of inside causing my blood pressure to rise at times.. See! There are way too many benefits in Spring, right?!

Well, if you are here visiting from Nina and Cecelia, welcome! So glad you’re here!

So, last Spring, I was in our first home and shared a very neutral living room for the One Room Spring tour with some amazing blogger friends you can check out here. This year, I really wanted to mix it up with some color for the Spring Home Love blog hop. I traditionally think of Spring having lots of soft palettes and whites and brights and the like.. but this year I thought it would be fun to add some not so muted colors.

But first lets just dive right in with the tour.

Today I chose to share 3 spaces which are the first spaces you would see right when you swing that front door open.. Yes, our front door does actually swing open unlike the windows;)

Come on in! Welcome to the entryway.

It’s not grand, but trust me when I say, this is pretty grand compared to our tiny little entry at our last home. But of all spaces, that little entryway had a magazine feature last Spring which I blogged about here.

So all to say, no matter the size, embrace it and make it work for you and your guests!

Let’s move on. Look right and bam, it’s our living room.

Aren’t those black belly baskets above on the shelf the cutest? My friends over at Connected Goods sent those over, and I love how well made and different they are than my other baskets. Let’s not count how many are in this post alone 🙂

Because the living room is the first thing you see, I moved our bart cart to this corner. I thought it would be a fun way of welcoming our guests. Ice cold water or some Izze sparkling grapefruit anyone?

See that beautiful Juju Hat. My friends over at JuJu Boutik sent it and let me tell you, it’s so beautiful. These pictures don’t do this hat justice! It’s the perfect addition to this space!

Look left, and you’re right where we get our grub on: the dining room.

The bowls and napkins were a recent purchase and added the perfect pop of color I wanted in here.

That wood sign used to be in the den but I thought this would be the perfect spot for it. I love that I can see that verse from many angles. It has been a good reminder to me, especially on those days when cooking, cleaning, lots of correcting, nursing, etc..start feeling mundane..

These flowers were a bunch from good and faithful Trader Joes for $3.99. Yes please!

These baskets catch everything from ungraded paper work to purses to hats, etc. keeping the space a little less chaotic. This room will stay extra busy for the next year and a half til baby Rae is able to share rooms with big sis and give us back an office/school room so it’s so useful here.

The cute belly baskets on this shelf is also from Connected Goods. They are one of my favorite style of baskets cause they’re so versatile and so easy to store away when they’re not in use.

So what inspired my color kick? Well, it really all started with pillows! This pillow from MOR Design was sent to me and I have to say they are one of my faves right now!

The other pillows was a pair of TJMaxx pillows. I knew I wanted pinks involved and I loved that this pillow had a navy and a blush color in it.

From there, I just ran with it. Of course, still being true to myself, there are still a ton of neutrals going on.. But those of you who know me, know I love my muted and neutral spaces so this is my version of embracing color 😉

So how I went about adding color for Spring:

first I had my inspiration, which were those 2 pillows..

Then I built on that, and grabbed a few more pieces that bounced off that idea.
So I went with blues and blush.

Then as I do every Spring, I brought the outdoors in, adding clippings from our yard and embracing my house plants and dressing them up with cute baskets and planters.

The easiest way to add color to any space, is to start with a neutral base and slowly add touches here and there.

To add character and have a more collected look, no need for matchy matchy! Mix and match to your liking!

I also find that it’s great to just go with it and step back and see if you’re still happy.. Chances are, if it feels like it’s too much, it probably is and that’s when you can edit and pull some pieces out.

Keep tweaking and tinkering til you can look at the space and think “ah.. I like” as you do a little head tilt and smile.. If that’s not your reaction, that’s okay. We still got a few more weeks to tinker. LOL!

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    Oh Alma, I just love it all! Your pictures are the prettiest. So in love with all the sunlight pouring through your beautiful home.

    1. Reply

      Thank you Brandi! It really was a great day to take pics!

  2. Reply

    Alma – I love how you incorporate blush into your home. It flows beautifully with your Spring Decor. What a stunning home tour. I’m honored to be a part of this Blog Hop with you and have so enjoyed getting to know you better!

    1. Reply

      Aww thanks Jen I’m glad we got to do the tour together! And I really do enjoy the touches of Blush in here!

  3. Reply

    perfection, alma!!! I love every detail in your home and they all have that special alma touch!! beautiful, friend!

    1. Reply

      Yuni, thanks girl! That made me smile! I love every detail of yours as well?

  4. Reply

    Alma, come do my house next! Your home is stunning lady! Love it!

    1. Reply

      Ha! Yeah right! You need to come to mine! But if I do come to yours, you gotta take me to all the awesome Thrift stores you find so many goodies at!

  5. Reply

    Love this girl! You already know how much I love your home but this is stunning!

    1. Reply

      Aww thanks Allison! I think we get each other cause your home is a favorite! And you’re my favorite too?

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    Deb, Seeking Lavender Lane

    OH MY! Alma this is so breathtaking! I love that little vase and flowers on your coffee table and that dining room is gorgeous. Seriously, I love it all!

    1. Reply

      Thanks Deb! I love a good bush clipping! Thanks for coming by!

  7. Reply

    Oh wow Alma! I’m obsessed with the pink bowls on your dining table. They are so cute! Stunning home friend!

    1. Reply

      Thanks girl, they are one of my faves right now!

  8. Reply

    Alma!!! I love your home! So many cool aspects that are sooo my style! I had to laugh at your advice about just “go with it and step back” because that is totally my process for decorating too. Beautiful job!

    1. Reply

      Haha! Right?! And I totally agree, I totally connect with your home ?

  9. Reply
    Caitlin Paulson

    Alma, I adore your style!!! So beautiful!!!

    1. Reply

      Thanks Caitlin! Same?

  10. Reply

    Alma! I loved this! Your touches of blush and blue are so pretty!

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