How we welcome winter + our living room tour at the cozy modern cottage ranch –

How we welcome winter + our living room tour at the cozy modern cottage ranch

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Brr.. its cold in here! Probably the hubby’s least favorite line right now. I’ve been like a broken record the past week to him about how cold it’s been. I don’t like to think of myself as a high maintenance girl, but man when it comes to temperature, I equally strongly dislike being in super hot weather or super cold. Please tell me I’m not the only one! Who gets me?? The nice thing about cold weather is hot beverages, scarves and  snuggling up in a cozy blanket.


Speaking of cozy blankets, my friends over at Arhaus asked me to share how I bring the winter season into our home. I think we are pretty much on the same page, we are all about the cozy… seriously, bring it! Give me everything comfy, cozy, snuggly and makes me wanna cuddle with my kiddos all day.. Btw, I have been thinking about what to call this new house.. Yes, I know, really Alma?! But with baby Rae nursing around the clock, this girl got a lot of time to think, ya know. Ha. But I thought it would be fun. Anyway, it is a ranch style build, it definitely has modern cottage farmhouse style and lets face it, I’m a homebody always looking to make our home a little cozier. Is the name too long? Of course farmhouse style would be something I’d tack on somewhere in the mix cause I do enjoy touches of farmhouse, but that would just be overkill. Anyway, I totally side tracked but really, I’d love to know what you think.


Well today I’m sharing our living room here at the cozy modern cottage ranch. Ooh I think I like it. We haven’t put up very much Christmas decor in here but when I get to it this week, I plan on keeping it very neutral in here.


Ways we welcome winter is first and foremost having comfy throws. Knits are my personal favorite. To be honest though, we use our throws all year round cause we are just comfy people like that. But my hubby and sister think the kids and I are a bunch of weirdos.

2016winterlivingroom_8 2016winterlivingroom_4


This season, I’ve added some faux fur pillows and these were just too soft to pass up. And to top it off, they were on super sale during  black Friday, so I had to. I love how my kids bury their faces in them and tell me how much they love how soft they are. You guys, they really are super soft and you can find them at Target here, here and here.

2016winterlivingroom_20 2016winterlivingroom_12 2016winterlivingroom_6

There’s also a faux fur on the floor here in this corner for extra coziness.


The stack of magazines in this basket keeps this corner a little cozier and entertaining!



..and even some fur on this stool which doubles as another side table. It’s holding my hot cup of coffee.. Which I ended up drinking cold because I got totally distracted and didn’t drink it til an hour later. Story of my life!


When I think of winter fashion I think in terms of layers. And though I really wanted to keep this room light, layering is a must for me when styling this bookshelf, whether its winter or summer.


2016winterlivingroom_13 2016winterlivingroom_21

Though this room is staying simple and neutral this season, ways I warmed up the space was making sure to add texture for dimension. I love the mix of metal with natural elements and I think that stayed consistent through out the room.


Even something as simple as wooden beads can make a space feel a little warmer.
2016winterlivingroom_18 2016winterlivingroom_10 2016winterlivingroom_19

We definitely need a place to store our abundance of throws during the colder months so we always have baskets for this. I love these baskets because the lids keep our (more like my) throw addiction hidden. The smaller basket houses comfy slippers for guests because the worst feeling is walking on cold floors in the winter!



A comfy cozy couch never hurt nobody. Right?! I love snuggling on these couches. I have gotten lots of questions, compliments and direct messages about these couches on Instagram. These were a new purchase when we got this house so we’ve only had them since June, but so far we love them. We found these over at Ashley Furniture Homestore.

2016winterlivingroom_25 2016winterlivingroom_30

If you prefer a sectional to cozy up in (we love sectionals and have one in our family room), I do love the variety and large selection here.

2016winterlivingroom_5 2016winterlivingroom_17 2016winterlivingroomtour_11
So what are ways you embrace winter? Share down below. Thank you guys so so much for stopping by, Im so thankful for each and everyone of you! Hope you have a great weekend and find some time to just cozy up and relax. My daughter turns 5 today so it’s a busy day but I’ll make some time tomorrow for sure!



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    so bright and beautiful, alma! love the light you get in there!

    1. Reply

      Thanks Cassie, it’s definitely one of my favorite spaces in the home.

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    Nicola H

    Just such a beautiful room and just the style I am craving. Sadly we live in Northern Ireland…think a good 11 hour flight away…so when we visit family in Florida I wish I could quadruple my luggage allowance home, oh target how I love you lol! Thank you so much for sharing, look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous home xx

  3. Reply

    Beautiful room! Love all the different textures! Where are the baskets with the lids from? I have been looking for ones with lids and haven’t had much luck.

    1. Reply

      Thank you! Yes they’re from homegoods/Marshalls! I love them!

  4. Reply

    Your house is beautiful. Can you share with me where you got your tv consol?

    1. Reply

      Hey Tricia, it’s from Ikea. You can find more info on a previous post:

  5. Reply

    How did your Ikea Sectional hold up from 2015 before you got these new couches? Thank you!

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