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Inspire me Mondaze!

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Hey there! Hope you’re all starting the week off beautifully! I just ended the weekend watching Mr. J compete at his first ever powerlifting meet. I couldn’t be any more excited for him for performing so wonderfully and placing 2nd in his weight class. This has definitely started my week off right and with a big smile!

So here’s some pins that really inspired me last week and yes they are really stirring up some ideas in my head that will probably be driving my hubby crazy the next few months. LOL. I’m sure some of your husbands can relate!
















First up, and not by coincidence, is this dining room! Isn’t it perfection! I love everything about it.
















There is something about this pantry door that just screams “this is my home and I’ll personalize it to my liking”. I love homes that scream this and I would love to have this door with a real pantry.




















Speaking of pantries, I loved this open kitchen shelving idea. Who doesn’t love beautifully organized kitchens.


















This entryway, the flooring, the front door, the chandelier, the chair and the flooring.. All so beautiful!















I have to say, in a small house, mirrors are its best friend! Especially large ones! This one would loo great in any home!








I see these DIY swings all the time but this one especially caught my eye with the chandelier. How perfect. I would love to make one of these! Wouldn’t it be so fun to have one of these?














Redoing the bathrooms upstairs is next up on my home renovation list. Unfortunately not on my husbands list. It kinda is a bummer. But I do like the idea of having natural wood in one of them when we do finally get to it.














These concrete floors were calling my name. Don’t you love the warmth this room gives despite how cold I’m sure those floors are! Beautiful!























This room and couch is just perfect. I love the color scheme in this living room and yes, love love the wall color!














Lastly, this bed! Isn’t it dreamy? Love the shutters, the lovely chair and chandelier! Oh and I love how its fancy but brought back down to earth with the brick wall! Yes!

So there’s the pins that called out to me and inspired me last week! Hope you all have a great week. As always, you can find these pins on my pinterest page under “inspire me”. Have a good week, see you in the next one!


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