Kitchen + Breakfast Nook Update this Fall –

Kitchen + Breakfast Nook Update this Fall

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You guys have sent us so much love on our breakfast nook since we worked on it during the One Room Challenge this past spring and I just want to say thank you! It was really the push we needed to finish this space! Of all the spaces in our home, this little spot stays busy all day long so naturally it gets a little more attention than other spaces. It’s amazing how many bodies have gathered here since we finished working on it.

Well today I wanted to share this space because we did change things up a little since the spring and I am really loving it.

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For one, we removed the rug in here because I felt it kind of made the space feel smaller and without it, it gives the kitchen/ sit in breakfast nook a nicer flow. It was such a pretty and soft rug though and is currently on sale here.

Since the One Room Challenge, we also added and swapped out a couple things:

My favorite change is the 2 aged brass wall sconces and the light above the sink from Hudson Valley Lighting which is also a wall sconce that I just hung like a mini pendant.

We also added that pretty clock. This clock has been floating from room to room, and found its way here. (edit: we had another mini shelf on hand and was going to use it somewhere else but decided to use it here in place of the clock.)

We swapped out a frame on the left of the nook with these mini floating shelves that I found here. Floating shelves really help make the space feel a little more personal and is a fun way to add personality that can change with each season or whenever you feel like it. These were so easy to put up and seem to hang really good so far. They hold about 15 lbs. each.

We swap our bench pillows often but the one thing I really still need to do is add a bench cushion. Let’s see how much longer we can take without one. I guess no one else really complains about it so it’s not high on the priority list but hopefully one day when the mood strikes it’ll happen.

Lastly we painted our table again! This time we painted it with Rustoleum Chalk paint in Charcoal and I really love the contrast.

I like the flow of the kitchen with the eat in breakfast nook a lot more with how things are today. We also have been debating what style island to put here but for today we use our current island for food prepping and storing all the things I need to grab easily (i.e. onions, garlic, potatoes, sugar, a toaster of course etc).

I also love having these words right in my kitchen because cooking and cleaning happens the most right here and sometimes I can feel like it’s just the same thing over and over. Am I really making a difference in this world by doing this? Well, yes! It’s the best way to display my love for my peeps; by serving them, and by serving, that I might show the love of Christ. In this I can smile as I wash the non stop dish piles and pick up these around the clock messes. To my home making mama’s, let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we don’t grow weary (Gal 6:9)

Side note, picturing and sharing this space really brought me back to when I first started blogging here over 2 years ago. It hasn’t been that long but things change and evolve over time and today I just wanted to share our home and what’s new on the spot. No plan, no real decorating going on.. Just a clean day in the kitchen and no way magazine ready but it’s real life and it was fun and spontaneous.

Speaking of fun, a little addition that has been making times in here a little more fun is definitely our new Google Home. Can you spot it? Everyone loves this thing, especially Rae Rae! She loves music so it’s nicer to have this here then to always use my phone! We also got the Google home mini that’s also really nice to have because it’s a little easier to move around if we want to listen to music in one of the other rooms and is less expensive.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post! From the bottom of my heart, thank you so so much for being here, hope you leave inspired or encouraged or both 😉 XX


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