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Let’s end summer with some easy yummy ceviche!

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Hello sweet friends! It’s been a while since I last shared with you.. If you follow me on IG (where you can pretty much find me daily) you already know this, but just in case you don’t, there has been a lot of changes lately at the Almafied home and it has been keeping us all pretty busy around here! We have sent my eldest son to a public school from K-6th grade and he even attended for about 1.5 weeks this year. But there were so many changes going on at their school that we noticed right away it might be causing long-term issues that could get in the way of my son having a successful school year. My kindergartener was attending the same school and the same went for his class. So we are doing homeschool this year and trusting God to direct us and to help us as we take on such an unexpected load this year for His glory. We are looking forward to transitioning into these new changes this new season and are just going to take it one day at a time! So much to be thankful for!
That being said, it’s time to get excited for fall y’all! But we can’t say “bye” to summer without a proper goodbye, right?! I mean summer has been too good to us!! For us, we spent this cooler weekend enjoying some ceviche with shrimp and I just had to share it with my friends cause it’s really one of our favorite summer snacks and sometimes even as a meal with just a double batch of shrimp! Yum! The ingredients and preparation are so simple, you should give it a try if you’ve never made any yourself! Trust me, it will be a hit at your last backyard boogie 😉 Or just for you and the kids to enjoy as a snack. You might want to leave out the peppers for them, though! Here’s our easy recipe! And by “our”, I mean my husbands!
Easy Summer Shrimp Ceviche at the Almafied Home (for 10-12 people)

10 Tomatoes
1 medium-sized onions or 1/2 large onion
Cooked Shrimp (the more the better!)
1 bundle Green Onions
1 bundle Cilantro
1/2 Avocado
Spicy Peppers to your liking (we used Serrano peppers and Thai chile peppers but not too much because I can’t handle it)
1-2 Limes
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 Bag Tortilla chips
Dice the tomatoes, onions, and shrimp. Place in large bowl.
Slice the green onions, cilantro, avocado and peppers finely. Add to the bowl. (Avocados can be diced, but we just slice them because some people don’t prefer it in theirs and it’s easier to pick out this way. LOL!)
Squeeze lime juice all over ingredients in bowl.
Salt and Pepper to taste.
Let sit in fridge at least 30 minutes but preferably over night to let the flavors all soak in.
Enjoy with your favorite tortilla chips!!
That’s it guys! It really is that easy, but every time we serve it here, everyone loves it! Even my eldest son enjoys it, spicy and all.
I really hope you had a great summer and got to have some time to enjoy God’s creation, spend quality time with your loves and just enjoy the many blessings that come in the summer! Oh how I love summer time! But if you know me, fall is my absolute favorite season and though we generally eat this snack in the summer, we honestly eat it year round! Mainly because we just love it that much and it really is easy to make and yet so fresh and flavorful! That’s it for today, but hope to chat with you soon in the next post! XX

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