Making a walkway wall both pretty and functional –

Making a walkway wall both pretty and functional

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Hey friends, I wanted to share this little functional space that I put up recently. It’s a simple space, but so functional in our home and I love it. I used to have a collage of frames with different kitchen prints that I thought were so cute to display with a diy chicken wire frame with some pics of the fam. That wire frame is currently sitting in this new wire basket 3 hook hanger organizer that is now up on the wall, still finding a permanent home.
If you have a small home yourself, you can relate to making functionality and space out of nothing. Does that even make sense?? Probably not, if you have a large home, but my fellow small home owners, apartment living, city lifers, ya know what I’m sayin, right? Yup. And don’t think this isn’t for you if you do own a large home, cause we all want better functionality in our homes, don’t we?!
Well, in this space, I call it our main entrance /”walkway”/ kitchen area. So with that said, this has many functions and I need a space I can switch up for whatever the day brings. It’s a main entrance for us because it’s the walkway from the garage, which is where we always enter. But it is also a part of the kitchen space so I wanted to make sure it first, connects with the kitchen style wise, but isn’t limited to it. This is so important in small homes, to have a nice flow so that the house doesn’t seem smaller, for lack of a better term. And I think this area accomplishes that of both serving the purpose of an entry way from the garage, and still able to suit the kitchen’s needs and aesthetics.

Of course, when guests are here, this stool and the shoes wouldn’t be here, and you probably wouldn’t see the sweaters that do get hung here from time to time either. But, that’s the beauty of a multifunctional space. You can change things up to fit the needs of the day! And, I used to think having a bigger house would make life so much better, but I’m learning that even with a growing family, with just a little creativity, you can make a small home work and be thankful and really enjoy the blessings of a small home!
So what do you think? Would you have something like this in a walkway? If nothing else, hope you enjoyed the post! Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to visit me on IG, Facebook and Twitter. I’m literally new to twitter, so if you’re twitter savvy, tips please! LOL!
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wire basket/3 hook hanger: homegoods
wire frame: diy
letter “A”: Michaels
notebook: Marshalls
flowers: Michaels
tea towet: World Market
cutting board cork board: Target
stool: ikea
woven basket: Michaels
greenery: Michaels

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