My 2 month flexible dieting diary: week 2 –

My 2 month flexible dieting diary: week 2

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Here we are on the second week of this flexibly dieting journey. I’m wondering if there are any of you that are on this type of a diet currently or have been before.. So far it has been going smoothly with a few things I’m aware I need to work on based on last week.

So this week I started pretty good. by Thursday morning I had lost a total of 4 lbs. which was exciting since I still had yet to really feel like i’m depriving myself of foods when I really want something. But don’t get me wrong. Sometimes I can get bummed about limiting my amount on foods that are so tasty. Don’t give me cheetos, those things are deadly. It’s a disappointment to stop at 1 serving, really. Well on Thursday night, I ate some leftovers after watching Mr. J enjoy his. It did put me over on my calories (I already knew it wasn’t gonna fit, bad Alma) which really bummed me out the next morning. But did my best to not let it get in the way of  a new day.

I have also been feeling a little off the second half of the week. Extra hungry and bloated. It is around the time of the month I am expecting to get my womanly visit. This is the time I generally feel a stronger urge to eat snacks. I’m still learning to not listen to the cravings as it’s more out of want for food and not need. But after giving in to a lot of food craving for quite a few months (it’s only been 3 months that I have totally not been tracking but probably since Thanksgiving that I started giving in to cravings more often than not), it has become a habit that I’m still learning to break. It’s interesting how you don’t realize how much access food you really do eat until you start tracking what you’re eating. Treats are awesome, but it shouldn’t have power over me.

So, what I did when I was craving things I knew wouldn’t fit in my daily intake, was to first recognize that it wasn’t a need for the day. Then I would give myself 20 minutes with a glass of water to let the feeling sit. It then brought me to a place where though I might have  still wanted to fill the craving, I knew it would pass because I was already ok for the 20 minutes. The times I did feel hungry still after the glass and time passed,  I knew I should have a snack but would pick something that would fit my macros. Of course if the food you are craving does fit, go head and enjoy!

Anyway, here are some foods that I ate that helped me reach my goals.

IMG_8291 FullSizeRender-1IMG_8385


Here were what breakfasts looked like. The carnitas meat was a treat as it is high in fat. And who doesn’t love waffles? But if it fits, right?! Also, I made sure to get a protein shake in there every morning because I noticed last week that I was always short on it. Breakfast is so important and actually my favorite meal of the day.

IMG_8319 IMG_8580 IMG_8514 IMG_8450


For me, the big difference between lunch and dinner is not so much what I eat, but the portion. I tend to eat a first and second lunch, then dinner. I don’t know if that makes sense, but it’s probably due to just being the hungriest mid day. I would rather eat what I enjoy and just make sure not to eat so much then to eat something I don’t like and be able to eat more. Cause who would want seconds of what they don’t enjoy in the first place? Not me! So, other than that, my meals for lunch and dinner could be the same things. These pics were meals I enjoyed and fit my goals for the day.



As for snacks, I for sure have another protein shake that I already calculate at the beginning of each day, at the end of the day. I didn’t take a picture of the snacks I ate, but here was a night I had the munchies like I was saying earlier. On a side note, can anyone give me some good and fun snack ideas for this upcoming week. Share in the comment below. I need some ideas like bad! LOL, but serious face at the same time.

Hope you’re all starting the new week great! I had some friends tell me this past week that they are starting a new weight loss challenge, or just wanting to better their health being more aware of what they eat, and others who are starting to take steps toward fitness; it really excited me to see other women who were also so excited to be on a similar journey. If you’re one of those women who shared with me, thank you for just pushing me to start this week motivated by just sharing in your excitement on your own journey!! Thanks for coming by, hope my sharing with you has encouraged you in some way today!

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