My “do with whatcha got” side table –

My “do with whatcha got” side table

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Hey there, so if you follow me on instagram, you know that I have a little sitting area in front of my window.. I did a post a little while ago of our Overstock tufted chairs here if you wanna check that out with first impressions. Well I also mentioned that I have been using a chair as a place holder as I search for some affordable side/end tables. I did have a different table here originally but I had to switch it out because it was a little too wide with these chairs for this space making it a little too crowded for my liking.

So as I write this, my heart is a little sad because a week ago I came across a side table that was the pair to my discontinued coffee table. Which when I bought the coffee table, it was advertised as a Pottery Barn table but this side table was from World Market so I believe my coffee table had to be from there too cause it was the same style. Anyway, this side table was retailed for $250 and they were willing to sell it in perfect condition for $25 if I would just get it that week. EEEK! Well of course I was so excited and told my husband about this awesome deal. Note: I’m not necessarily a matchy match person, I just like for there to be a good balance and flow with my home. So it was the fact that it was this price, it was in new looking condition and I was looking for a table similar to this in the first place.. So I had to have it, and the fact that this table was no longer sold in store, made me feel like I just had to have it even more. It was meant to be, right?!



Well no.. my husband has been working some tough hours and he prefers to be the one to get any deals I wanna make just to protect me (which I totally understand). But with his time being very limited and this being a bit out-of-the-way from his already long commute, he said we would have to miss out this time. I was so heartbroken. But, alas, my husband doesn’t mind me buying one that I find in store or online that I really like. But, for now this is what I’m working with as I wait patiently for a good deal. You know me, always trying to find a good deal!




This chair was of course a Craigslist find that we got 2 for $10. They are the backless Ikea engulf chairs. I bought them for extra seating that can easily be tucked away. Gotta add how perfect it is for our small home! But i really wanted to share this to encourage you today to not make decorating complicated or feel you have to go out of your budget to make your house more homey.. When ever I wanna design an area, I always look around for what I already have and a lot of times I use things in an unconventional way and it still works. It’s also fun because you get to be creative and put your personality into it, ya know!? So fun, right??




Anyway, hope this can encourage you today to just get creative! And remember, decorating a home isn’t about being perfect or sticking to a set list of rules! Or even spending a ton of money to accomplish a lovely home! Cause trust me, I hear so many don’ts in decorating and I don’t mind breaking them all. the. time. And trust me, I still sleep well at night! Haha.. But seriously, as long as you feel it’s pretty and it fits the needs of your family, just have fun with it! I understand some of you might hate the idea of using a chair as a side table, and that’s totally fine. I just don’t mind having it here as I wait for a good deal on a side table.. and honestly I enjoy this being here! Well have a wonderful week friends! So what do you think about my makeshift side table? let me know and if you have a favorite (preferably round and not bulky) side table that you don’t mind sharing with me for ideas, please comment at the top! I would love some ideas! Thanks so much! XO

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