My repurposed and updated kitchen cart –

My repurposed and updated kitchen cart

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Today is such a gloomy day and I was feeling a little under the weather. And out of no where the song “In Christ Alone” came to mind and I couldn’t get the line “no power of hell, no scheme of man, can ever pluck me from His hand”. Instantly I felt God near and was reminded of the joy I have in Him alone. Everytime we sing this song at church, I’m always flooded with joy and just thankfulness because I’m reminded of what darkness He brought me out of. And though I’m a sinner, not even my own failures will pluck me out of His hand. Wow!

Well, today I wanted to share a project I did a little while ago. This is an old ikea kitchen cart that was a Craigslist find. Since then, I do see people posting this still on craigslist all the time. The great thing about this piece is that it’s real wood and has strong bones. Here’s what it looked like before I painted it:

ikea kitchen cart













So as I was singing my song, In Christ Alone, I was putting up a mailbox, which by the way was an awesome Marshalls find in the clearance section. My purpose for getting this was to use it specifically to store blank paper in this area. This is kinda our families storage, mini desk, on the go mini command center, for lack of a better term. Remember, with a  small home means a lot of multifunctional areas. Lol. Well of course, I gave it a little tidying up and decided to share it with you.

FullSizeRender-5The top of the kitchen cart was stained with Minwax oak stain mixed with a little Jacobean stain and I added a little black to emphasize the wood grain a little more. The bottom was spray painted with Rustoleums Heirloom white which was just some left over from a side table that I have since given to my sister. Which by the way is such a beautiful piece and you are so welcome, sis! Haha.

On top of the cart has a wooden box that has a drawer with my personal things including my keys (cause everyone who knows me, knows I need to have a designated place for those or I will never get to leave the house!), a drawer for Jason and a large drawer with randoms. Also, a jar of paper clips, a cup of pens, pencils and scissors, and faux flowers that I have had forever and will probably keep till the end of time. It’s just one of those things, ya know!?


Here on the 2 shelves below are just a wire basket holding a few books and some chargers and another fabric basket holding odds and ends. Also, I added some hardware and got that idea from pinterest. I originally put these on for its original purpose of being a coffee and beverage cart. But I think I will keep those on there either way cause it gives it character, doesn’t it?


This area where this sits actually used to be a pantry and closet when we first moved in. When we remodeled our kitchen, we decided to knock those walls down to add more space. This area has changed more often than a baby get a diaper changed, but I think this might be here to stay.. Idk, ask me in a week or two and who knows if this will still be the same. Don’t you just love that about me!? My husband.. Not so much. Haha.



To the right of this command center is a blank wall where I have a chalk board that I just took down to put a larger chalk board that is almost done. I’ll be sharing that soon.

FullSizeRender-8Hope you enjoyed my repurposed kitchen cart and mini command area. Hope this can inspire you today to get crafty and get creative with your space, no matter how big or small! For me, functionality is almost as important as styling. Haha.. Half joking! Ok maybe a quarter joking… I’m horrible, I know. Anyway have an awesome day! See you in the next one.

Clock: ikea

mailbox: marshalls

galvanized can: tjmaxx

dried rosemary: yard

wooden box storage: tjmaxx

white jar with cap: tjmaxx

faux flowers: tjmaxx

door knob: home goods

kitchen cart: ikea

hardware: amazon and in my garage

wire basket: marshalls

fabric basket: h&m









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