New tufted armchairs + first impressions –

New tufted armchairs + first impressions

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If you follow me on IG, you probably saw that I shared how we finally found some tufted chairs to put in our window seating area. I first blogged about the area with our original chairs here. But, I’ve been lookin for chairs to replace them for a while now and I think we may have finally found a pair that works well in this space.
I really did enjoy having the previous chairs, but I really wanted to have tufted chairs in this room to give it just a touch of casual chic.. I know this is a heavily used room, so I like things to be relaxed in here but still have a sense of pretty, if that makes sense. I think because the material is a linen, it very much fits the laid back and cozy aspect I love. But I think the tufted style along with the nail head trim gives the room a sense of class and still remaining comfy cozy.



These chairs are from Overstock and had to be the best deal I found in store and online up to this point. I have been looking for chairs to replace the original chairs, but didn’t really find any that fit our needs and affordability at the same time. Here, we are a single income family, so staying within a budget is key! On top of their already bargain prices, I found a coupon for I believe 20% off and free shipping so I actually stayed $25 under the budget. My husband was pretty proud of me. Not too shabby, right?!



So what was my first impressions of this chair? Well as expected, it was a neutral linen with a slight shade of grey like the reviews said. The dimensions were correct so I knew the chairs weren’t going to be a high back. The original chairs I was eyeing at TJ Maxx and Home Goods were actually similar without the nailhead trim, a little more narrow, upright and a high back chair. I really do still love those chairs, but I think these work better for the space because the height matches perfectly with our sectional couch and it doesn’t disrupt the view to our “soon to be done” (although no one has started on it yet =/) back yard. LOL. I did fear the nailhead trim would make the chairs look too fancy paired with our sectional, but actually I think it compliments the couch and with the linen fabric, it keeps the laid back vibe. Another thing about these chairs is, they’re wider than some arm chairs making it easy to sit comfortably even if I wanted to curl up in it with my legs crossed. It’s a very sturdy chair while being light weight. The depth of the chair is perfect, not taking up any extra walkway space than the previous chairs, so that was great. The main thing that I can tell can be a problem is the cushion you sit on is kinda lumpy. But, it doesn’t actually bother me at all as I have pillows all over the place. Okay, not “all over” but it’s pretty clear I keep it cozy and chill up in here;).




I should add, in case you were interested in purchasing this tufted chair, it’s called the Christopher Knight Home Tafton Tufted Fabric Club Chair and you can find that here. It seems their prices can change from time to time so you gotta watch out for those. Also, I recommend always looking up coupons before buying online. You just never know.

Before with original chairs

After with new tufted chairs


Lastly, this chair is the long lost twin of the the Pottery Barn CARDIFF UPHOLSTERED ARMCHAIR. Don’t they look just alike? Well my chair is a fraction of the price: 4x cheaper in price. The nice thing with the pottery barn chair though, is they have a lot of different fabrics and colors to choose from. So if you’re interested in those, there you go;)
Here they are together. Twins, right?

pottery barn chair

Christopher Knight Home Tafton Tufted Fabric Club Chairtufted tafton
So, what did you think of the new chairs by the window? Pretty cute, right? So far, I love them. I love what it adds to this room without taking up much extra space. I do however have to eventually buy a new or used side table, preferably round, to go between the chairs. I love this thrifted table, but it’s a bit too wide for the space now. Well, thanks for coming by. Please subscribe if you want to see upcoming posts and leave your comments below! XOXO


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