One Room Challenge: Breakfast Nook (week 3) –

One Room Challenge: Breakfast Nook (week 3)

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Hey guys, are you as shocked as I am that we’re already on week 3. nail-biting in full effect. Not literally of course but eek.. it’s the half way mark! But where do I start with the set backs this week. Oh my goodness..

But wait, if you’re new here, catch up with week one and week two.

Okay, all caught up?! Great, let’s continue!

Well this was going to be the week we paint. Which wasn’t going to be so bad because we just purchased a sprayer to spray our pergola in the back which was going to make painting chairs and a dining table so much more time effective.

But in perfect timing, it’s been raining multiple days in a row. So for this week, to not waste time, I decided I would work on the opposite side of the space. Here’s all the junk I needed.

So remember that bench you saw in my last post yesterday? Well the reason I picked that piece up, is cause I thought it would be a perfect bench for this wall.

Now that it’s here, I love it a little more. So above it will be a wall collage. I have been meaning to hang a wall collage up using these frames from our last house and was never really sure where to put it. This is the perfect wall. I used my kids roll of drawing paper to make templates of where to hang the frames.

And yep, we did school while I worked. What’s new?! Of course using the table that was supposed to be painted by now.

These beautiful abstract floral prints are from my friend Maren, over at Maren Devine Art. She is so talented and I look forward to sipping my coffee with this as my view!

I am a neutrals loving girl to the core, but my youthful fun-loving side has this need for splashes of color and this is the perfect way to achieve just that. Maren’s abstract art is perfect. What more is that these are so inspiring to look at, affordable art prints and who doesn’t love supporting small businesses?! No hard feelings if you go right now and shop around! The next one on my list to get is her beautiful warrior girl prints. They are soo beautifully done. She sent these over with a beautiful card with a warrior girl.. let me tell you, swoon!

Anyway, thanks so much Maren for sharing your beautiful talent and creativity with the world and sending me some of your awesome work! I ran out of time to get them up, so they will just sit pretty on this bench for the night.

So, other things that have changed in here, not directly for this challenge but directly related to this space, is part of our next phase of the kitchen remodel. We raised that hideous drop down ceiling and finished that this weekend. We can breathe a little. More on that soon in another post. Be sure to subscribe below so you can get these posts sent straight to your email!

Well that’s it for this week. Hoping for some sun these next few days so I can finally get to painting and time to photograph for that Home Depot patio challenge that is due in just a few days. Haha.. I’m laughing and crying in the same breath because this is way too close of a deadline for comfort. But, we will get there!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week! See you next week with an update of the One Room Challenge. Be sure to visit the other wonderful projects going on over at Calling It Home.


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    I already love it! So pretty!

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    Sam | Away She Went

    I love those floral prints! That’s such a great way to add some color to the space without being overwhelming.

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