One Room Challenge: Breakfast Nook (week four) –

One Room Challenge: Breakfast Nook (week four)

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Here we are in week 4 of the ORC and I have to say, this past week might not look like much but I am so excited for how it’s all coming together.

So, we finished painting the ceiling that we corrected (removing the part of the ceiling that dropped down in the kitchen about 6-7 inches. I mentioned it last week but excited that it’s all painted and ready to go.

We also got the electrical connected for our wall sconces and ready for install. I finally decided on a wall sconce, it has shipped and on its way here. A few messaged me asking which 2 I was debating between. Here are the 2.

I originally planned on the glass sconce below, but finally came to the conclusion that the one above was just a more practical style for the space. Both are equally beautiful! I actually got these recommendations from my friend Mysha which she blogged about here.

Also we finally tried our rug we received through our sponsorship with Nuloom, which you can find on their website here. It’s the rug we put in the living room last week so it could settle and flatten. It made it to this blogpost and I think it looked great in the living room also!

Boy did I not realize how massive this rug is for this space. I have to note that the customer service I received with Nuloom and all the help in choosing a rug was awesome! As far as the rug goes, it may be a little too on the white side for a busy space like a breakfast nook. I am still hopeful though that with a layered rug, that’ll do the trick.

But I do love this rug. It is definitely a rug I still want to enjoy in our home because the texture of it adds a lot of interest for a one colored rug. If you have been eyeing this rug, one thing is it does shed so be aware of that. I love it so much though that I don’t mind just vacuuming it regularly to keep the shedding at bay.

See that ceiling? I’ve never been so excited for a ceiling! With no breaks; just one smooth surface. So thankful my husband agreed on raising up that ceiling. It was a big job but so worth it!

Below you can see how far we have gotten.

Here’s where we started with the ceiling with the drop down and the fan that you all probably know by now that I hated!

Here we removed the drop down ceiling and put up new sheet rock. Also we replaced our ceiling light.

And this week! We are getting somewhere!

Lastly, our table is now sitting out back and ready to be sanded and painted. Am I dreading this step? A little, but I know in the end, it will be worth it! The exciting part is the chairs we wanted in here just came back in stock and is on its way here!! So we won’t be painting our metal chairs for now since we won’t be using it for this space. But I do still plan on giving it a quick coat for another space.

This upcoming week should have more visible changes and then we will be down to the details and decorating which is the easiest part of the process! Can’t wait to see it all come together! Stay tuned for the finale come week 6! Be sure to visit Calling It Home where there are so many other awesome projects going on this week!

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