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Our DIY budget friendly chic renovation to this powder room!

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So, we have been living at our home for about 4 years now and it took about 3 years to finally update the funky downstairs powder room/ half bath. And I think it’s probably one of my favorite projects in the home. My awesome husband decided it was time to renovate our little bathroom with the exception of it all staying within a $200 budget. At the time I was so bummed, thinking that this would be impossible since there were a lot of changes that needed to be made. Here’s a couple before and after’s of the bathroom:
Crazy to think, this update was all done in a weekend. Having a husband with long work days, I wanted to do my best to make this a quick project.
Sure enough, it all worked out. The floors are linoleum tiling resembling tile but more cost efficient. If we decide to live here for a long time, I would consider putting real tile in. But it is beautiful as it is so that was a good choice.
We debated on taking out the sink and cabinet and replacing the whole thing, but it would have taken us above the budget. So, my husband resolved to giving the sink a new look by painting the sink with an epoxy white paint. It was a beautiful change but in hind sight I wouldn’t recommend doing this because you can’t use bleach to clean it as it would break down the paint eventually. Not really a deal breaker if you don’t use bleach in your cleaners. For us, this a short term fix and will eventually get a new sink. We also switched out the faucet with a new one from Home Depot and got a matching toilet paper holder and a towel hook. For the cabinet, I just found a random clearance $2 bluish grey paint. Score! Then I had extra pulls and knobs from Ikea that I used here.
This mirror was an awesome find while a mirror sale was going on at Kirklands. It was a deal I couldn’t pass. That was an unexpected find, but when I saw it, I knew it would fit perfectly in this space. The 2 framed floral pictures we’re hanging in my bedroom, but I knew when we updated this bathroom, We needed to have something on this wall for a little balance. Although I don’t feel these flowers fit perfectly with the hydrangeas on the other wall, I think it still has somewhat of a nice flow going so I will keep it here till I find something better suited for the space. Doesn’t it balance out the odd sink corner though, which really threw me off when we first moved in? And to think, I totally embrace the oddness now. It just works, right?!

The toilet was in great working condition when we moved in, so no need for buying a new one. Above the toilet we added a shelf because I wanted to have extra shelving for storage space and decor purposes. It was fine without it, but personally, it really adds a lot of interest to the space!
powderroom edit
I really wanted to add stripes to this wall so I found some white leftover paint, some painter’s tape and got straight to it. Making this a happy space! And no longer sad and unfinished.

My absolute favorite part of this quick renovation has to be this new door my dad and uncle installed. A door didn’t fit the budget, but it was my dad’s birthday gift to Mr. J! Sweet, right? No one gives a more practical gift than my daddy. This room used to have a pocket door. But it just was not ideal. So thanks dad! My uncle even came to help my dad install it. My uncle always has my back when it comes to hooking my house up.
powderroom edit 2
As far as a light fixture, I did buy one a while ago (outside of the budget since it was money I had saved for this) but it ended up being too large for above the toilet, so I did return it. But I have been thinking about moving the light to go above the sink. That way, I can put a light fixture that same size, and it would be fine since no one will be putting their heads anywhere near that corner. If only I had a dad with electrical experience.. Haha.. Of course I do. So this should work! Hmm.. Maybe I just will. I’ll let you guys know if I go through with that!

Before we added the shelf this is what the striped wall looked like and you’ll see what a difference the shelf makes!

Anyway, there you have our DIY renovated bathroom on a budget. What do you think of the new bathroom? Pretty chic and gardeny (I make up my own words, I know), right? Perfect for spring! If you’ve been thinking of renovating a part of your home and haven’t been able to save much, hope this inspires you to get creative and be flexible with your ideas. You can totally renovate a space on a budget and still make it beautiful! And you don’t have to break the bank in doing so! Have an awesome day, friends!

Door: Home Depot
faucet, towel hook, toilet paper rod: Home Depot
White Epoxy Paint: Home Depot
Cabinet paint: Home Depot
Towel: Home Goods
White basket: Michaels
Flower vase: Michaels
Flowers: Michaels
Flower art above toilet: TJ Maxx
Flower art adjacent to mirror: TJ Maxx
Mirror: Kirklands.
Shelf: Home Depot
Trash Can; Home Goods
Cabinet handle and pull: Ikea

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