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Our DIY built in coffee station

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Just 1 more day till I hit my 34th week in my pregnancy! And honestly, there are no signs in this house of expecting the arrival of a newborn.. Other than the fact that I look like I’m hiding a beach ball underneath my clothes. Pretty sad, I know. Life has been a rollercoaster since finding out we were expecting.. We were in our first year of homeschooling 2 kids, searching for a new home to fit our soon to be family of 6, moving into our current home which needed and still needs a lot of work, starting a new homeschool program this year that has proven itself a lot more challenging than last school year, and all to top it off, Mr. J having a lot of deadlines at work that’s kept him pretty busy.. Putting a lot of work on the house we were planning on getting done sooner, pushed back.. Like back back..

So, there are a lot of ALMOST done projects all over the place, and it aint cute y’all! BUT.. I am so thankful for the process and that my love would even be down to do this with me. Even with his crazy schedule.

Today, I decided it was time to share our DIY coffee station that was once I believe, called a wet bar. Here’s what it looked like before we got our hands on it. Yes, of course the before pics were mainly captured through my iPhone. Classic Alma..
Then we tore the cabinets out:
Then the counter:
After cleaning up all the rubble and dust, in went the cabinets and the plywood:
We went with oak butcher block from Ikea because it was affordable, easy to install ourselves and gave the cozy feel I was wanting in this space. I gave it a quick stain with a Minwax wood stain. I’m totally blanking on the name and will add it in when I find it. But I think I might add a little gray stain on top, we’ll see.

Then we put the wood planks up. We used a 4’X8′ plywood board and cut them into 6 inch planks. Then added a thinner plywood strip to go vertically on both the left and right side of the wall to give it a cleaner edge where you would otherwise see some imperfections I didn’t really like.

Lastly we painted the planks with Behr Ultra Pure White found here that we had on hand and installed an outdoor light fixture found here at Home Depot. I love that it’s affordable, simple and gives a farmhouse touch!

It was a pretty quick weekend project. It definitely could be done in a day but we took our time and worked around plans we had that weekend.

We use this coffee station daily and it’s so convenient being right off the kitchen. The cabinets below hold on the go snacks and drinks on the left and some larger kitchen items like my pressure cooker, turbo cooker, blender and things I don’t like reaching up high for.


We still need to paint the walls and add hardware to the cabinets but I’m pretty happy that it’s 90% done!



Stay tuned for more DIY projects that have slowly but surely been getting done at this ranch reno! Happy Friday!


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    Uau Alma
    I love what tou did with that nook .
    You sure know how to turn a house into a home .
    Thank you for beeing such an inspiration
    Love your style girl

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    Kristin M

    I’m curious why you didn’t keep the sink or reinstall a new one since the plumbing was there? You need water to make coffee so it seems like it would be convenient.

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