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Our small dining space + new tufted end chairs!

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Hey guys, so I got a little excited working on this post. So if you follow me on Instagram (@almafied), you know that I recently got a new camera in the mail from Mr. J. It was actually a groupon deal he came across and bought for Valentines Day, but it made its debut a few weeks late. No complaints what so ever on my end!! I was just excited for what was in the box. Anyway, I was planning on sharing my fairly new end chairs this week and with the new camera, I thought I’d give it a test on the dining space. Note: I’m still learning to use this camera, so please no judgements on the outcome. So much to learn, so little time…

Our dining space isn’t very roomy, but we make it work. The crazy thing is we actually had a different dining table that was a bit bigger. I think we were a little too excited for our new home and wanted a big table and didn’t really consider the fact that the space was so small. So, eventually I was out thrifting with my mom and sis and stumbled on this Drexel dining table (it originally came with chairs that I decided to let go) that was in perfect condition at a thrift store in Napa. I went back and forth on whether to stain it or paint it and finally decided to just paint it white. It’s been about 2 years since we painted it and I already feel like it’s in need of a fresh new coat. LOL. So much fun for Mr. J, right?! Not!

It was actually pretty difficult to find a dining table that had all these specific requirements that I was looking for in a table. I wanted it to be solid wood, classic, pretty legs, and petite in size. There were some good sized Ikea tables I saw but I really wanted a table that was real wood with strong bones. This table met all our needs. It’s been 3 years now that we’ve owned this table, and I still love it and it’s still going strong.

The four X back white chairs are from Ikea, but we found these on Craigslist for $5 per chair and they were seriously like new condition. I couldn’t be more thrilled since the year before when we were looking for new dining chairs, I was considering buying 4 of these chairs full price at $49 a piece. Thank goodness for a husband who told me to be patient and see if there’s something similar on Craigslist at a better price. Wisdom right there! Listen to your husbands ladies! Haha! Doesn’t it feel awesome finding things for the home at a fraction of the price on Craigslist?! I love it!

The two tufted charcoal grey end chairs are from Target and are the newest addition to our dining space. There was actually a great deal that went on in January that was 25% off when you spend a specific amount and then on top of that was another deal for an additional 20% off for all home items. Then you add your 5% red card discount with free shipping and you have one happy customer! I also bought 3 stools in the same style and will share about that soon. I actually had quite a few gift cards from my 30th birthday that I celebrated in December and it all went towards these chairs! I couldn’t be more pleased with the price. I have to say these chairs are quite comfy and pretty to look at! Two of my favorite things- comfort and style!

This here is a sofa table that I am currently using to store serving dishes and things. I eventually would love to build my own piece for this area, serving the same purpose. But, still trying to convince my hubby to get on board with it. For now, this will do. Crossing my fingers!

Also stored here and heavily used is our Keurig. Oh my goodness, the whole family loves this thing and I don’t think I can live without it anymore. I am a faithful tea and coffee drinker and this makes it so easy to make a quick cup and easy clean up! Now who doesn’t love that?

That about sums up the dining space (I say space cause I can hardly call it a room! Haha!) Hope you enjoyed this as much as we love this space. It probably is the most busiest place in the whole house. I’ll also be sharing my kitchen on here soon which is pretty much a joined space. Have a great day friends!

Dining table: Consignment store in Napa, CA. (I forget the name but will add it when I find out)
X back chairs: Ikea
Grey tufted chairs: Target
3 tiered stand: Kirklands
Paula Deen Pie cutting board: Meyer
Candle: Bath and Body Works
Artificial greenery in tin cans: Ikea
“Lunch now being served” wall sign: World Market
Mirror: Ikea
Deer head: TJ Maxx
DIY “chow time” chalk board: Michaels Frame and a piece of scrap wood
Large recycles glass water jugs: Home Goods
Oval White tray: Ikea
Mug holder: Amazon
Keurig: Costco
Wire Basket: Home Goods
Yellow Clock: World Market

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