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Our Ikea Hacked Tarva dressers turned bedside tables + a little paint fail

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Hey there, are you ready for another Ikea hack? Well, I actually worked on these about 4 months ago, but I never actually shared about it til now. Mainly because I’m still unsettled on our whole bedroom layout, still debating on changing our wall color, and even debating on repainting the dressers with chalk paint and what color. Haha! Gosh, I sound annoying reading this back to myself.. Like, come on woman, make up your mind!? As you get to know me, you will come to find that my mind is made up maybe about 0% of the time! Haha.. Idk bout you but I always know what I absolutely don’t want, but can’t ever commit to what I really want. So thankful that I have my husband to help in that area! Anyway, I decided I should still share it because you might be inspired, regardless of my many debates and imperfections..


to the left with stain on top and to the right without stain
to the left with stain on top and to the right without stain
So I basically had a budget for bedside tables, but we needed bedside tables that would also double as more clothing storage.. So, I was on the hunt for smaller dressers that would fit the space and was surfing Craigslist everyday for a few weeks. I couldn’t find any that met our needs so I finally decided to go with the Ikea Tarva dressers. They fit the space perfectly, they fit the budget and could hold a good amount of clothes! So the same day I got them, I was so excited and put them together the same night. My husband thought I was crazy but I couldn’t wait any longer.


After putting them together, I decided to cut the legs down a bit because it was a little too tall to function as a bedside table. Totally a simple fix. Then off I went to paint them. I used Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X 12 oz. Satin Granite General Purpose Spray Paint from Home Depot and I believe I used 3-4 cans to completely cover the 2 dressers. The dressers are raw wood with no finish on them, so I just went straight to spraying without any sanding. I felt the color was a little too cold for the space, so I winged it and added a coat of Minwax Classic Oak stain on top to give it a little warmth. I’ve never put a stain on top of spray paint before, I have no idea if this is a no-no in the painters world, but I did it and I’m thinking now that maybe without the stain would have been perfect! LOL. There I go again… I think stains on top of paint might not be the best idea! So that part was a fail, but its been this way for 4 months and I’m not dying so it’s not the worst thing ever =/ I am debating on repainting them with some chalk paint just to try out chalk painting furniture but we’ll see. Let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite chalk paint brand and if you have a suggestion for what color I should paint these. I also got these pulls from Home Depot and swapped out the pulls the dressers originally came with. I was just looking for something simple. I even toyed with the idea of making this room have gold accents and spraying these pulls gold, but again.. I didn’t wanna do anything rash so it really depends on what chandelier we find to replace the current one.


So about the dressers, they aren’t heirloom material or anything, but they totally met our needs and I especially love that they suit a king size bed.. Anything smaller, I would imagine would look kinda puny! Having them now for 4 months, I have no complaints but more just really glad to have more storage! If you were considering buying a Tarva, I would recommend it! My friend Allison on Instagram just did a hack on her Tarva also and I love the industrial feel of it. If you’re interested, check hers out over on her feed @ahouseandadog. I love it!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the post and hope to meet back here again soon! Hopefully we can still be friends regardless of my paint fail =( Love me anyway? Haha! Thanks for checking this out, have a wonderful day sweet friend!

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