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Our multi-purposed table used as a desk, console and storage

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Hello June, usually I covet you but this time around, you came out of no where!! Am I the only one who feels summer came a little too fast this year?! It really did, but you won’t hear me complaining! Not at all! We are all looking forward to slower paced and longer days, family adventures and lots of fun! Well today, I wanted to share with you our dressing table that we brought from upstairs. We have been searching for a table to place here that would multi task and have good functionality, fit the space and be esthetically pleasing.. We all know by now that here at the almafied home, it’s not the biggest, but I don’t believe small should ever take away from style and function, and I think stealing this from upstairs, though on a whim, was a great idea!



This Ikea dressing table has been used for many things over here in the past few years; it was bought to be my makeup table, then we used it downstairs as a console, drop all-entryway table, a behind the couch desk/sofa table, and then finally a desk for my sons bedroom. I actually considered bringing this table down sooner, but with school still going on, I didn’t wanna steal it. So we searched for an affordable table on Craigslist, World Market, Target Ikea and thrifting.. but everything was a little too large for this space. So then we (as in I) looked into building one, which I still would like to do one day, but for now I decided we would “borrow” this table for this area where it would have many functions. As far as what desk my son will have once schools starts up again, we shall see. He’s a good sport, LOL!


I already blogged all about this botanical gallery wall here. But, as I said in that post, I wanted to switch out that dresser for a desk or a table and doesn’t this table just really balance everything out well and gives this wall space a more cohesive and balanced grouping? I think it looks great here but it also has better function with the table as opposed to the dresser. This wall and the whole shebang just makes me smile every time I pass by. It’s one of the first things you’ll see when you take off your shoes and head toward the kitchen.


So what does this wall function as? Well, for starters, it’s meant to be appealing to the eye ;)duh!! Haha! But also, it’s where we drop off our keys and little nick knacks.. Theres one large drawer that holds a lot of goodies that we just need within reach regularly.. You know, pens and pencils, wallets, checkbooks (yes I still use checks), snickers bars… ;P hahahaha.. jk.. or maybe I’m totally serious.. Who knows!? LOL. Underneath, there are two stools for when we need to use this table for workspace and also just to store the chairs to keep it within reach when extra seating is needed. There’s a basket that can hold extra pillows and blankets. But, on oh so crazy days, I can bet you this will be a catch-all basket!! A moms best friend! Right?? All in all, it has been helpful in adding a little style to the space and many functions as well!




Hope you all enjoyed this! If you have an empty wall or space that needs some attention, maybe shopping around the home and putting something together might work for you as well! If you whipped up a space on a whim and ended up loving it, I wanna see!! Tag me on your pics on Instagram at @almafied or send me a link in the comment section below. I love a good quick space makeover! It’s so fun and exciting! If today you’re overwhelmed in making your home more styled, more functional or more suitable to your families needs, just take it one space at a time! No need to rush, right?! I’m in the business of making my home a place that my family looks forward to coming home to, a place where we can enjoy one another, be hospitable to others and make memories in.. and we can’t accomplish these things if we’re so caught up in just the decorating and organizing, right?! So also, remember the bigger picture and hopefully this will help you to not be overwhelmed but rather enjoy the process as you care for your home and your family!! Thanks so much for checking this out and hope you’ll be back for the next one!! Big big hugs


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    Kristin M

    Alma that looks so cohesive: a real focal point plus a multi-functional space. I love it’s summery vignettes and can imagine others throughout the season. You will find something to replace the desk function. Great example of “shop the house”!!

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      oh thank you so much Kristin!! Yes, it really is a focal point, huh! And yes I think this translates both spring and summer well and will totally be easy to change up for fall! I really appreciate you coming by! Have a great day!

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    Nicole Tully

    Beautiful! Where are the stools from?

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      aww thank Nicole! The stools are from Ikea, but they were a craigslist find for $5 a chair. I couldn’t pass them up! I love them! Thanks also for stopping by 😉

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    Fabulous idea x (okay on to next post!)

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      glad you liked it!!!

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