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Our neutral +natural easy living fall living room 2017

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This is our second time experiencing fall here at the (still new to us) modern ranch reno. It’s been a while since I called it that, but this time last year this house was under a lot more renovations being that we were only here for 4 months. If you’ve been with us here on the blog, I’m so thankful and so so glad you’re going through these seasons together with us. If this is your first time here or your visiting from Shelly’s page over at Crazy-Wonderful.com, I am just as excited for your visit today! Hope you walk away a little more inspired to embrace this beautiful season!

Although we’ve been here for over a year and 4 months now, we still have a lot of work to do here. As we speak, our family room is getting work done and I’ll share more details on that during the One Room Challenge starting next week right here on the blog.

For today, here is our living room which gets just as much traffic as our family room. I really wanted to embrace fall in here and what I love so much about it. Our house is sparse on the pumpkins but I believe you could skip the pumpkins and still have a beautifully styled fall space! Here’s the living room fall ready. Scroll down to see 3 elements that scream fall without pumpkins. All sources are also found at the bottom of the page!

This patterned accent pillow is my favorite addition for fall. On the plus side it’s neutral so I can incorporate it in every season.

The emerald green adds a touch of color but still keeps with the neutral and natural feel of the room.

We have a place to hang our coats and things in the hallway, but I really wanted to make it a little easier for guests to place their belongings somewhere by the door so I created a little space for that.

Here are the 3 elements that can give any space fall vibes:

Element 1: Textures!

This helps to do 2 things. 1, up the COZY to your space and 2, add dimension to a neutral space. There is nothing that feels more like fall than a cozy space and a knitted throw and a good mix of pillow prints and textures helps in the cozy department.

Element 2: Gingham print!

Gingham (or plaid) is always IN in my book, but especially in fall. The print is so warm and gives such a COZY vibe. If your debating on a pillow print for fall, go with gingham! If you don’t have a pillow, grab a scarf and hang it at the entry or drape it over a chair. Trust me, it’ll step up your fall game for sure!

Element 3: LAYERS!!

You guys, it looks like I yelled that one. Because I did 😉 It’s the most important part! I see decorating as a direct correlation to fashion. The easiest way to dress a room is to consider what you wear in season. I don’t know about you, but fall is THE time to embrace those layers. From the knitted sweaters to the COZY scarves and down to the COZY socks under those cute booties! Amiright?! But of course we have to leave space so people can actually sit on the couch, LOL! It doesn’t hurt to mix prints on your pillows, overindulge a little and do 6 pillows instead of 4. Throw in some COZY throws and call it a day. Another way I layered the room was by adding 2 Ikea bookshelves paired together to make it look like 1 large shelf and adding the jute rug from Plush Rugs . This not only gives the room more layering but adds dimension in here.

Fall fashion and fall decor is my favorite because of these 3 things. But my goodness, did you see the connection of all 3? YES YES, it’s COZY! If you leave with nothing else friends, leave with this: embrace cozy this season! You’re guaranteed to get snuggle time in a little longer, conversations with friends stretch an extra hour and even unplanned naps feel a little warmer! Oh, isn’t fall just beautiful?

Here are some sources to our fall living room (some affiliate links included):

faux fiddle leaf fig tree

brass gold lamp

gingham pillows

patterned accent pillow

brass clock

faux magnolia wreath

shoe tray

knit throw blanket with fringe

green velvet pillow

emerald bowl

jute rug

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed the living room tour. If you have other ways to make your home more cozy or fall inspired, share with us down below! Thanks for stopping by!

Be sure to check out my friend Laura over at Willowstreetinteriors.com. I’ll be heading there soon so hope to see you there!

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    I am crazy in love with all of this beautiful texture everywhere!! Your fall touches are absolutely perfect, and I couldn’t agree more with your three fall elements. GORGEOUS!

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    Rachel Mcgee

    Holy moly Alma, this is amazing. It feels so warm and inviting with all of your gorgeous textures. I love love love the touches of emerald and olive. I can not wait to see you knock it out of the park again with the ORC!!

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