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Our preteen’s bedroom

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I know I haven’t shared the kid’s bedrooms here on the blog. Mainly because I haven’t really gotten around to decorating their rooms but decided now is better than never! And how I came to that conclusion was it’s spring break and the room isn’t going to get much cleaner than this =P #truestory! But also, other than helping my son put things on the walls, he had a lot to do with the overall style of this room and I’m pretty proud of him. I’m sure we can all come to the conclusion that my boy loves him some superheroes and he represents well, don’t you think?!

Since he was about 9 months old, he’s always had an action figure in his hands and between you and me, to this day, at 12 years of age, he still sometimes will have them in his hands 😉 but that’s just between you and me! HA!

I actually made him a superhero quilt for Christmas 2 years ago and of course have yet to put the binding on so he’s still waiting for that. Like, he literally asked me just last month, “what’s up with the blanket mom?” Whoops! Story of my life y’all!!

Anyway.. So his bed frame is actually my old bed frame from Ikea that he begged for when he wanted to get rid of his loft bed. But we’re now contemplating a twin bed frame for obvious space issues (which he’s not too happy about but I’m sure he’ll love it when it comes time for changes).

As for his bedding, his duvet is Ikea and the sheets are from target. The buffalo check throw pillows were a find on Amazon for $4. He loves those pillow pets and his build a bear which he’s had since he was 4. He doesn’t put the cute superhero outfits on him anymore, but I’m just surprised he still wants to keep him. He named him Spidey since that was his favorite superhero at the time. Ask him now who’s his fave and I bet he’d say “Joker”. Oh preteen, Idk how I feel about that. REBEL! LOL.

That large Spiderman wall art was a purchase he made himself during a black Friday sale at Kirkland’s 2 years ago. Yup, he went out with me at 1am to go shopping. So much fun. And actually now that I think of it, I actually bought that “w” marquee sign at Kirkland’s this past black Friday. And the batman art work, well that was done by dad. I keep telling him to make more, but he’s his worst critic but we love it! He’s the artist in our fam!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed a little quick tour of our “preteen’s” room. This might sound weird, but he’s like a best friend to me! We drive each other crazy because we’re so much alike. This guy really is such a blessing to us and I’m so proud to call him my son!

other sources:
metal shelf/backpack hook- marshalls
side table, clock, lamp pair, curtains- ikea
laptop table/side table, batman wall art- ross dress for less
wooden stool- home goods
wall weave tapestry- target

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