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Our repurposed side table

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Yay, Friday is here! Unfortunately, for the kids and I, it’s another day of staying home trying to get better from a cold. Praise the Lord my baby girl is over her fever. Now to get rid of this cold and cough. It seems like so many people in our church body have gotten hit with some kind of a bug multiple times this season, and its been no different in our household. You know it’s pretty bad when I get sick, cause I seem to hardly get these. I’m more of a headache person, myself. Although I’d say both are equally annoying. LOL.


Anyway, still, I’m excited for the weekend and am really loving this weather. I love having the windows open and hearing all the kids playing and laughing at the school during recess the next block over. I can never get tired of hearing them having fun. It just always brings a smile to my face.  Especially knowing, my oldest  is out there having fun with them. While hearing this in the background, I was taking some quick shots to share on the blog today. I like to do this when the 2 little ones go down for their nap.



This is a small dresser that just moved down here from my bedroom. Originally, it was my bedside table/ under garments dresser. I loved it so much, I couldn’t part with it when I decided to get matching bedside dressers for the master. I really looked high and low for a dresser similar in size and style since this is a discontinued item from Ikea. Of course, none fit the bill. So I swapped the handles from another piece of furniture that’s been sitting in the garage carrying all my crafts and voila! It found its new home as our multifunctional side table and entry table drop off. But, knowing me, you never know what’s in store. I’m a bit of a furniture rearranging type. Although, I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself for keeping this layout in the living room for quite some time now. I’d say 3 months. Now, that’s a record!




This large wooden antique garden type box is my newest find. I had a few Homegoods gift cards, and 2 of them went to purchase this bad boy! I really love it and I love how I can kinda use it for storage while still being a decorative piece. But my favorite thing about this is that it is so multifunctional! My kind of pieces. Inside of it right now is a reading lamp that fits just right, my bible, a kids bible and the little ones memory verse books for easy access and a geometric wreath, used during the holidays, I picked up at our Church craft fair made by a friend and her 2 teens. It’s currently looking for a new home and needs a little touch up on the paint.


In the cabinet, its currently a hideaway for our chargers, mail to put away and randoms. I haven’t organized the inside yet. Guess I haven’t thought that far ahead. So Almafied of me! Only thinking in light of design. Not to worry, I have some ideas! Anyway, below the cabinet is a metal basket holding an extra pillow and some clean pillow cases that I swap depending on my mood that week or if another pillow gets soiled. With these wild ones, you gotta always have back ups in reach. Also, a fabric basket that is currently holding mail that needs to be opened and sorted through. My least favorite thing- paperwork…



Off to the side of the table is a stool with a galvanized bucket. It’s used to hold our magazines, where people who come to visit throw their keys, and some extra pillow cases. I guess I’m a little obsessed with pillows, if you haven’t already noticed. You can never have too many. This stool is also constantly pulled out, along with its pair sitting in another corner, for the boys to use when playing their video games. Yes, another multifunctional piece. The secret to surviving in a small home with a big family is to have multifunctional pieces. At least, for us this totally helps.



Do you have items in your home that you’ve repurposed? I love a good repurpose! Hope you enjoyed this area as much as I have. But, more importantly, I hope this encourages you to look around your home first when thinking about going out to buy a new piece of furniture to serve a specific purpose. You never know, there might be something right under your nose, sitting somewhere in your house that could have better functionality in another area of the home! Just cause an item is called a dresser meant for a bedroom, or a wooden box meant for the garden, doesn’t mean it can’t be used in other ways. Happy Friday!! and Happy Valentines Day!


dresser: ikea

wooden antique box: homegoods

preserved plant: homegoods

candle: bath and body works

lamp: ikea

wreath: home made

galvanized bucket: tjmaxx


black fabric basket: h&m

wire basket: tjmaxx

pillow: tjmaxx

striped pillow case large print: ikea

striped pillow smaller print: h&m

turquoise ikat pillow case: homegoods


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