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Our affordable ikea hacked repurposed china cabinet

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Hey there, friend! I am so sorry that I haven’t had any posts up in a solid week. It has been pretty busy here at the Almafiedhome! We’ve had the pleasure of having the kids grandma (my MIL) over the past week visiting from Hawaii. It has been so sweet to just see the kids connect with her and just enjoy having their grandma here that they haven’t seen for over a year. But I couldn’t stay away from you that long, so here I am with hopefully some new inspiration!
I wanted to share our repurposed china cabinet that is actually 3 narrow Ikea Billy Book cases that I just placed side by side and am currently using to display our old china that’s been passes down and a new set of dishes from the Magenta line. I don’t feel complete without the tea kettle so I’m still looking around for that. But, so pleased with this set so far. It’s just a nice fun contrast to the more elegant looking china, which isn’t even that fancy, but what I totally love love about them. They’re classy and subtle in design. If you know me and my family, we are very laid back, fun and love comfy cozy settings.. and these new dishes really reflect that. Love them!!


This book case combination can be found at Ikea. They are 3 of the Billy narrow book cases and the Oxberg doors. I think the prices are great if you bought it there. I just happen to have stumbled upon these on craigslist, and at $10 per cabinet with doors included, I couldn’t be more happier. So this came to a total of $30. It was in vey good condition so you really can’t beat that! It fits perfectly in our small home, not taking much square footage and really adds a nice touch in the process. But what makes it just perfect, is that it not only fits, it doesn’t just look great but it also has hidden shelving that can hold a lot more. I love you so much that I even let you take a little peak at the hidden shelves.. Just a peak though! Haha!! And, you know us small home owners/ apartment and condo dwellers; we look for all these qualities all the time. And clearly it’s very versatile! The only thing I added to these shelves when I bought it was these little door knobs. It didn’t have any on them and I knew it would function better and look a little cuter with them.

So what do you think of our repurposed china cabinet/ikea hack? It definitely gives me that airy and happy feel on top of the others qualities that first drew me to this set. Hope it can inspire you today in your home! Thanks so much for stopping by! I have officially had this blog up for 2 months now and I just want to thank you for coming by, even if it’s your first time! I truly appreciate all of you who have taken some part in this new venture with me! I say venture, because I really was nervous to start a blog but it has been such a blessing to be on here and share and connect with others, who also have an interest to make their homes a place to look forward to coming home to and a place that functions just as well as it looks! That all who enter would be blessed, including our guests, children, our husbands and even ourselves! Have an awesome Monday and rest of the week!!


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    Hi Alma, I just wanted to say thank you for your blog.i just adore your style and your personality is so sweet. I found you through Instagram #ikeahack I’m slowly reading my way through all your posts. Thanks again ps – hi from Australia!

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      Hi Sarai! This message really made my day! I’m so glad you found your way here and I really hope you enjoy and can be inspired!! And how awesome that you’re from Australia!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

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