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Our simple + functional no entryway entry

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Hello sweet friends! So glad you came and visited today! So I’ve had just about the roughest weekend ever and I did share a little on my instagram feed. But what I don’t think I mentioned was that my husband had caught some type of stomach virus while I was away at a sleepover for 2 of my dear friend’s birthdays. Yep, moms can have sleepovers too once in a blue moon. Well, as he slept, he must have threw up in his sleep and slept right through the mess. Is that not the craziest thing! Well, you guessed it, it was all over the place.. Unfortunately it has completely ruined the rug and the smell isn’t leaving the couch so it seems it’s not in too good of shape either. So as I took pictures of this area, the rest of the room was totally undone and waiting for me to get better to fix it up. But for now, let’s just enjoy this little space that IS in order =) This space still needs some little details but I try to keep this area light, simple and clutter free. It seems to be the place that over time can get cluttered with just stuff brought in.. So I try not to add to that problem!



So here we are with but another space that is pretty much made out of nothing. What do I mean by that?? It’s like trying to create a space with purpose and function when it really isn’t much of a designated entryway at all! It is such a frustrating area to me because it’s just challenging trying to make it a designated entryway without taking much space.. I do dream of a day I have a home with one, but today this is what I’m working with and I am so grateful to even be blessed with this little space. The wonderful thing about this, is I get to be creative and I do love a challenge!



This mirror was a total Craigslist score! You know me and my Craigslist! My kids love to sing and dance in front of it. And it helps make the small area look a tad bigger. I have actually always wanted this mirror from Ikea but I really didn’t wanna pay full price for it. Glad I waited because eventually it popped up on Craigslist for more than 60% less, of course making me one happy girl!! Funny enough a few months later there was another in the as-is section of Ikea for 60% off and I just couldn’t leave without it so now, that sits in my bedroom! If I love a piece of decor or furniture, I don’t mind having more than 1. I think repetition is ideal in a small home giving it a smoother flow from room to room. But like I’ve said before, don’t restrict your style to a set of rules.. Have some fun!



This stool is also from Ikea and one of my favorite Ikea items! It’s so multifunctional and super sturdy! I love it. Fun fact: I have 2 of these and sometimes my kids will ask to sit in these like in a school desk and they’ll just eat their snacks on them. Idk if you can imagine that, but for some reason they love doing that and I think it’s fun seeing them repurpose something.. You already know: “they get it from their mama” haha! But, actually this stool floats around this area.. sometimes sitting off to the side in front of the mirror or across next to our repurposed side table that I blogged about here. We sit on it sometimes, but I also like having it here for when I need to reach for things on my shelf above my tv which is another area I shared here. A multifunctional piece at its finest!



The coat hooks are also from Ikea.. Wow! I don’t think I knew I had all Ikea stuff in this area. I guess it’s safe to say I love Ikea.. They do have some things that I’ve bought from there that I don’t love very much, but all these items are well-loved! To sum it up, I used hooks for hanging jackets and things, baskets to hold loose items like shoes and purses and a stool for the kids to sit on or stand on to grab their sweaters. Oh, and a mirror to give yourself a last-minute overall check: make sure those undergarments arent showing, your bun isn’t lopsided, and no spinach between your teeth! For this space, it kinda separates the area from the tv, though it sits right next to it! HA! Yup my house is really that small!


So let’s be real for a moment.. This space is not the cutest part of my home but so far it’s very pleasing to my eyes and it functions well for the most part. Also, this bucket with pillows doesn’t necessarily live here. Honestly, a lot of items in my home move but these do stay somewhere around the family room at all times. And if were gonna keep it real-real, then you know that wire basket usually is filled with way more than 3 pairs of shoes.. Generally it has flip-flops in them because it’s the things our family will put on by default when we go outside to grab the mail, for play or for whatever to have quick and easy access. We are in California so flip-flops and sandals can be a year round thing. We are in dire need of some rain right now, for sure!

Do any of you have a no entryway entry like mine? If not, that’s awesome.. But if you do like me, we can make it just as awesome, right guys?! I mean we don’t have to have the most grand home to love it, we just gotta work with what we got!! I still have some work to do in this area but we have been doing fine with what we got going on here in the mean time.. I feel like every project I share with y’all is unfinished.. Well it kinda is that way, but I’m gonna just enjoy the process and hope you’re enjoying it too! It looks like the Almafiedhome is just ever so slowly evolving into what suits our family best without losing style.. So what do you do to keep a no entryway entry functional? I’m always open to new ideas! Let me know in the comment section up top! Have a wonderful day friends! XXX


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    Love this setup, and that you are keeping it real. In our first home we had an entry very similar to this, but where your mirror stands was a divider, and next to that a window. Pretty much left me with no options, though I bet I could figure something out now. LOL! Hope you start feeling better soon!

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      Thanks so much Iris! I am doing so much better now! Thanks for stopping by, this space can make me feel a little insecure cause its such an odd space, but yes, Im gonna make the best of it!

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    Love this space, tons of ideas going through my mind now for our entry x

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      Aww it really makes me so excited to hear that! Thanks so much for such a sweet compliment!

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