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Our window sitting area

home sweet home

Hey there, I thought I’d share my window sitting area with you all this morning. It was just raining this past weekend, and wow to go from that to this beautifully bright day. I was just sitting here and thought ooh, photo op. California definitely has a lot of beautifully bright days. Although I know we are in need of more rain right now, I do still appreciate the sun every time it peaks through my super huge tree that actually needs a good trim right about now. I love the feeling of sun on my shoulders. I don’t know what it is, buts it’s so comforting.



We don’t have the luxury of a ‘sitting room’, so this is my manmade sitting area that actually works well with the rest of the room. When you have a small home, you really gotta get creative with the space you’re working with and it takes work to make it a functional, useful area while still maintaining an appeal to the eye. Hopefully, I accomplished that with this area. I personally enjoy this space. Since daddy doesn’t like the kids eating on the couch until they’re old enough to clean their crumbs up well, this is their designated snacking area when they’re watching a show.



One of my favorite things about this space, is that it’s a little eclectic and cozy. Each big piece here is either a hand me down, thrift store bought or just a score at some seriously rock bottom prices. I kinda get excited over a good deal! But, I get even more excited over items in my home that are so loved and used constantly that came second hand or some type of a bargain. You’ll learn that about me as time goes by.


This slipper chair is probably one of the main seats I tend to sit at when having my daily devotionals with the Lord and where my oldest son, the bookworm tends to also sit. For me, it’s my favorite seat in the mornings as the suns hits my shoulders so perfectly. Ok, I didn’t realize til just now how much I love the sun on my shoulders. Ha.


This table has moved around this room a bit and even into other rooms of the house. But over time it has always made its way back here. This was definitely a steal found at goodwill for I wanna say $7. I have done nothing to this yet except add these knobs from Ikea that I had extra from another project.





Do you have a space in your home that you kinda created? Those are really my favorites to see and hear about because it really makes your house a home as you personalize it to fit your families needs. Please do share!






Well that about sums up this space. I’m usually moving things around, but I think a sitting area by the window is here to stay. Happy hump day!


knit blanket: ikea

grey quatre foil blanket: kirklands

grey boxes: ikea

tray: tjmaxx

frame: thrifting

lamp: tjmaxx

table and armchair: thrifting

slipper chiar: hand me down originally from ashley’s furniture

pillows: h&m

candle holder (used as a vase): Michael’s

rug: ikea

floor lamp: tjmaxx

curtains: ikea

rods: home depot



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    this is so beautiful, alma! what kind of camera do you use? you’ve got great photo skills, too.

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      thanks so much Pearl! this is actually just my iPhone 5s. But, i do have a new camera coming in soon. Jason sold our canon for a newer nikon with video. hopefully I learn quickly how to use it. thanks for the mention of the pics, cause I don’t really know much about picture taking. So, I’m sure the credit goes to the beautiful natural lighting. lol

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