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Stumbled on these 2 quotes on IG and Loved it!


Ugh, yes yes... A lesson I am still learning coming into the year 2015. "Buy less, choose well." I don't really do "new years resolutions", I just don't ever really stick to them. But I do tend to make lists of things I need to work on in my own life, and its something that happens through out the year that will probably go on til I die. We got…

Our DIY chalkboard door + Using a little chalk and little kids to decorate on Valentines Day

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       Hello again. So Valentines Day is approaching and I have been really slacking off on making something for the hubby and kiddos. Generally every Valentines Day I make Mr. J a Photo book of the past year of memories we shared together and some of his favorite candy, like Rolos. They are not my fave personally; I hate the feeling of candy getting stuck on my teeth as I chew,…

A last minute simple Valentines Day craft to send in some “love” vibes.

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I'm not one who usually decorates for Valetines Day. But, this year thought I'd have a little fun with it and share a quick banner I made to make it a little Valentinesey (I know this is not a word but sometimes I talk jibber jabber) in here. The two frames are actually not chalkboard. I pretty much was a little lazy, and slipped in some chalkboard scrapbook paper that…